Sunday, July 21, 2013

3 Years

Conor & I recently celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!  Whoo hoo, best three years of my life by far, especially this last year when Liam made us a family of three.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend our actual anniversary together this year...  When booking flights for our summer vacation, we decided I was going to spend a few extra days in Spokane while not realizing that our anniversary would be one of those days spent apart.  I was a little bummed about this, but I knew that we would celebrate our special day later in the month.

Our anniversary is July 9th, which we finally celebrated this weekend with a night out on the town.... Liam included!  Living in a new city, we don't exactly have any babysitters as of yet.  Not a problem though, little L adds some extra fun to the mix.  We started our evening at Eva in downtown Salt Lake City!  It is such a cozy little restaurant with a menu of mostly small plates.  We took our time (well as much time as you can take when you have a busy almost 1 year old in tow) ordering a few plates at a time until our bellies were full.  Then Conor surprised me on our way home with a stop at a bakery (he knows the way to my heart) to get some dessert to take home with us.  Palmiers & macarons are a perfect night cap!

I can remember our last anniversary was two short weeks before Liam arrived and we were giddy with excitement.  We were as prepared as new parents can be, discussing what life with L would be like.  The few weeks right before a baby arrives are some of the most exciting in my mind.  I am always a little bit jealous of soon-to-be parents and all that is coming there way in such a short time.  This year we had dinner much earlier, had a bag of toys & diapers in tow, and the cutest little boy with us.  What a difference a year makes and all for the better.  Liam has made our marriage more meaningful and our relationship deeper.  Conor is not only the most incredible husband, but he now has the role of super-dad!  I only love him more & more as the years go by.  I really can't believe it's already been 3 years!!!

Here's a look back at some our wedding photos
July 9th, 2010

The day was unforgettable.
Which just happens to be our wedding song!  See what I did there.
Every time I hear Nat King Cole sing that beautiful song,
I can't help but smile and count my lucky stars that I landed this guy!


  1. Happy anniversary! That's also the day my parents got married, they just celebrated 25 years... So I'll say that's a lucky day to get married :) annnnndddd, your wedding dress is gorgeous! You can never go wrong with lace :)

    1. Thank you! I was obsessed with my wedding dress to say the least. :-)

  2. You are the most beautiful bride ever! Stunning pics! Happy Anniversary!


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