Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sweet Summertime in Montana

I'm finally back to the blogging world after being on vacation for two weeks!  It's always hard for me to come back home after being with our family & friends, but at least I can relive all the fun we had in the next few posts.  :-)  No matter how long our vacation is, it is never enough time...

The first part of our trip we spent in Montana with Conor's family!  We dealt with some unusually warm weather for the area, but that didn't slow us down at all.  I was so excited to get Liam in Flathead lake for his 1st dip!  The boy loves water, so I knew putting him in a "huge bathtub" was sure to bring smiles to his face.  I was right; little L could not get enough of the water even though it was a little chilly!  He probably would have stayed in the water all day if we let him!  While the lake was a huge hit for Liam, he would have nothing to do with his life jacket!  He hated every.single.second he had to spend in that thing.  We used it only when necessary (while still being super safe, of course).  Flathead lake is absolutely beautiful, especially at sunset!  Each time I visit, I appreciate the scenery more & more.  My heart definitely belongs in the Pacific Northwest...


As usual, we spent our days getting in as much family time as possible and stuffing our faces with the amazing food of the Keenan family restaurant (The Bigfork Inn)!  I also managed to eat Sweet Peaks ice cream every day as well.  This visit, Liam was really staring down my ice cream cone, so we finally decided to give our little boy his first taste of something sweet!  It was the perfect summer evening in Whitefish... We were standing outside of Sweet Peaks when Liam took a huge lick of grasshopper mint ice cream made from the loving hands of his aunt & uncle!  Ahh, such a sweet moment!  And since that first lick, Liam has been in love.

Liam still isn't sleeping great, but did slightly better while we were on vacation, so I got more time than usual to sit and relax with Conor's family in the evenings, yay!  Our evenings were spent on the Keenan's deck with a glass of wine and some good catching up time with the family!  Conor has 4 siblings and  I love the feel of a big family, despite the fact that we were all so busy this trip to ever find ourselves all in one place. The Keenan clan is only getting bigger... Conor's sister, Marissa, is due at the end of July.  The gender is a surprise and I am anxiously waiting to hear!  We can't wait for Liam to have another cousin to play with.  :-)

Our time in Montana felt much too short, but we are hoping to make a trip back sometime in late summer/early fall to meet the newest addition!  It's hard to stay away for too long, plus we would love to catch the tail end of huckleberry season with Grandpa Fred!

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