Monday, August 26, 2013

13 Months Old

growth chart made by the loving hands of my husband

Favorite Foods:   Yogurt!  Lately, he's been eating it for almost every meal.  He's also back on a hummus kick, so I've been making my own to avoid all the preservatives and what-not in the store-bought stuff.  He continues to eat more & more each day and is particularly into "dipping" things!  He sees what Conor & I are doing and wants to mimic us all the time.  Pretzel chips are the perfect hummus dipper, although he's still figuring out how to just dip the chip and not his entire hand.  He also likes to scoop his own yogurt, which is one huge mess, but he loves every minute of it!  He's getting better with the fork as well, as even skewered some blueberries with it the other day!

Breastfeeding:  Still going strong with no signs of weaning anytime soon!  Little L is incredibly busy and always on the move, so I truly treasure our quiet moments when he nurses.  There is nothing sweeter than his baby blues looking up at me and then the sweet little kiss that he sometimes gives me afterwards. 

New Words:  Hi, Char Char (Charlie our cat), & Whoa.  He repeats things we say pretty frequently, but these are the new words that he'll say spontaneously on his own.

Sleep:  Something magical happened the other night...  Liam was being particularly rambunctious and he had already tapped me out, so Conor took Liam to his nursery and tried rocking him for a bit to calm him down...  Well, he ended up rocking Liam to sleep!!!  That's right, Liam actually fell asleep without nursing!  Conor fell asleep too; so, while the boys snoozed together in the nursery chair, I enjoyed having the entire bed to myself for a couple of hours.  :-)  I'm hoping that this wasn't a fluke and that Conor might be able to put Liam to bed every once in awhile.  In nap news:  we are still going through the transition from 2 to 1 naps.  On any given Sunday day, it's a mystery as to how long & when Liam will sleep.  I am desperately trying to hold onto 2 naps for as long as possible, because I usually sleep during the 2nd nap too!

I don't have a little baby anymore!  Liam is changing so rapidly right now, I can barely keep up with his new skills & interests!  I love the little man he is becoming as his personality shows more & more.  He has become Mommy's little helper, which I am loving.  Instead of always pulling all the dishes out the dishwasher or removing all the wet clothes from the drying racks, he now hands me items to help hang or load!  He gets so much joy out of helping me; he's just the sweetest little thing!

He loves going outside and practically begs for me to open our front or back door all day long!  We always spend time outside after dinner, so the second we release him from his highchair he books it for the door.  I have no idea what we will do when it starts getting dark earlier...  He continues to have a huge interest in books and is constantly bringing Conor or me one to read and then crawling into our laps.  I love these moments, even when I'm reading the same book for the 4th or 5th time!  (One suggestion: only have books in your house that you are willing to read over & over again!)

Little L is becoming quite assertive and will always let me know what he wants.  He usually does this by pointing & reaching for something while opening & closing his hand.  I am amazed at the ways he is figuring out how to communicate with us.  He's also become more interested in the older kids in our neighborhood and is always trying to keep up with them!  I love how he is a little social butterfly and that he enjoys spending time with others.  We're still working on sharing toys, but he always has such a sweet demeanor with everyone.

I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!


  1. Our little ones are getting so big! If you figure out the nap situation let me know. Some days Caden takes 1 and other days he takes 2. I am hoping that means he is just getting ready to drop his afternoon nap. Books are really a hit in our house too :).

  2. They are getting too big, slow down little ones! Love keeping up with you guys.


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