Wednesday, September 25, 2013

14 Months Old

Favorite Foods:   Hummus & cottage cheese seem to be the two favorites right now.  One of the newest foods he's tried was my homemade beef stroganoff, and he loved it!  It was fun to watch him with his little fork gobbling up a whole meal just like us!  He'll eat (or at least try) most things if they come with a bowl/plate & utensils.  He is becoming such a big boy and loves to assert his independence at meal times.  Once he's decided he's done eating, he wants everything off his tray immediately, which can result in a mess on the floor.  We're working on this...

Breastfeeding:  Some days so he is so busy that he doesn't nurse as much, but he definitely makes up for at night then.  Other days  when he is teething or just a little cranky he seems to be extra snuggly and nurses much more frequently. We are both still enjoying our breastfeeding relationship and will continue on!

New Words:  He continues to repeat so much of what we say (Seahawks!) and continues to grow his vocabulary.  It seems like he has a new word every day or so!  This month was all about animal sounds: moo, meow, ooh ooh ah (monkey), hee haw (donkey), & rawr (bear).  Hearing him say these is too adorable!  He also says cat, dog, & duck!  The two words he uses most frequently right now are hi & uh oh (especially when dropping things from his high chair or when a shoe falls off).  He also picked up the word no this week, but he doesn't use it for back talk yet! ;-)  I love hearing his little voice and figuring out what he's trying to say.  Each day he is able to communicate with us just a little bit more!

Sleep:  Conor has been able to put Liam down for a nap or to bed on a somewhat regular basis; it absolutely amazes me!  It's nice to be able to share in that responsibility now.  Although he starts the night in his crib when Conor puts him down, he's still not sleeping for long stretches (only 2-3 hours), and then he joins us in bed.  We still transitioning down to 1 nap... I only get two naps out of him about half the time.  On the days he's only had 1, he goes to bed much earlier.  Little L is so busy, that 1 nap just can't sustain for a long day.

Favorite ActivitiesHanding me toilet paper.  That's right, Liam is becoming very interested in the happenings of the bathroom.  If sees me in there (we keep the door open so he becomes familiar with "going potty" and also because he would be screaming & banging on the door otherwise) he comes running in behind me and grabs a strip of toilet paper for me.  It's so sweet!  We are no where near beginning to potty train, but I'm glad he at least has an interest in the potty.  Changing the sheets.  This boy goes crazy when we strip sheets off the bed and put clean ones on!  There is just something about our bare mattress that makes him want to climb & wrestle all over it!  Jammin' to some music.  Little L loves listening to music, but he especially likes to hold any device playing music.  I recently got a new iPhone, so we stripped my old one so it only has the camera and Pandora on it.  We aren't ready to introduce a bunch of technology to Liam, but I haven't been able to find any good kid-friendly music players that allow you to play your own music, so an old iPhone fitted with "skinnamarink radio" has been our best option.  Peek-a-boo!  Liam has started to hide behind doors or walls and then poke his little head around the corner at us.  He always has a big grin on his face and is just as excited about it the 10th time as he is the 1st!  Holding hands.   Little L would hold hands all day if he could!  He was holding hands with his best friend Max at the zoo recently, and my heart about burst with all the cuteness.  He likes to walk down the street holding onto Conor or I... or both if he can!  He's also always trying to hold my friend Victoria's hand (Max's mom) anytime he sees her!  His other new thing is trying to walk up and down the stairs without having to crawl, so he insists upon having a hand to hold for that adventure.  Going upstairs now takes about twice the time it used to, but he gets so much joy from trying to do things the big kid way! 

We have a full fledged toddler on our hands now!  I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue monthly updates after he turned 1, but I am so glad that I've kept them up.  It's amazing the changes he makes on a daily/weekly basis.  He is starting to be able to really understand us and follow directions.  He is also starting to engage in pretend play with some of his toys, which makes our time in his playroom so much fun.  I love to see how his mind is working and the silly things that he does each day.  He particularly loves his Noah's ark (surprise surprise, this kid loves animals...maybe those weekly visits to the zoo have something to do with it).  He'll walk the animals around (or sometimes throw them) and make little sounds as he puts them through the door into the ark!  Books, however, remain his number one love.  We spend hours every day reading books; sometimes he sits in my lap and reads with me, but other times he'll sit quietly and flip through a book on his own!  With the arrival of Fall I brought out our Halloween & Thanksgiving books.  Our two favorites are Goodnight Goon & I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie!

The shenanigans my little boy is up to each day are always new & surprising.  His smile and laugh have much more emotion behind them and completely melt my heart!  Being a mom truly is the best!  I really need to do a day-in-the-life post ASAP because I want to remember these days once they are behind us.


  1. oh my goodness...your 14 month old does not look like a baby. he's a little boy! i have an 11th month old who looks very much like a baby. i feel like i should start to prep myself for having a little gal. yikes! i found your blog via the five on friday. yay! can't wait to read more!

  2. He seriously is growing up way too fast! But I still pretend he's my little baby. Thanks for stopping by!


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