Friday, September 13, 2013

A Cow Says... Moo!

The most incredible thing happened yesterday...well pretty incredible to Conor & me at least!  Liam brought me one of his books, opened to a picture of a cow and he said (in the most adorable little voice ever) "moo"!  I was so proud!!!  I think I was more excited about this, then I was when he started to walk!  We read a few different books that have cows in them, particularly "Goodnight Moon" & "The Very Busy Spider".  We always point out the animals & say the sounds, but that's it.  This isn't something that we work on.  He has repeated "moo" to me a few times, but this instance was different!  This was a cow from a book we haven't read in forever, and he said it all on his own.  After we discovered little L knew that cows say moo, we started asking him randomly, "What do cows say?"  And almost every time he answers with "Moo!"

I am so proud of our little boy and all the new skills he is developing.  It blows my mind that at 13 months, he can understand what I'm asking (in this instance at least) and give the correct response!  I want to tell every one I know that my kid knows what a cow says! :0) Thanks for letting me brag a little today, my heart is beaming!

On an unrelated note, my baby boy is sleeping.  Sleeping in his crib.  Alone.  This has been happening a couple nights a week lately, and I love it!  Conor just started trying one night and it worked! Liam still joins us in our bed once he wakes up (if Conor is unable to settle him back down), but we are making steady sleep improvements nonetheless.  Let's hope he keeps this progress up.  :-)

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