Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Led Weaning {Update}

I frequently get asked about Liam's eating habits & if we have liked following the Baby Led Weaning path; so, I thought it was time for a little update!  If you missed my original post on BLW, you can find it here.

This method of introducing real foods to Liam has worked perfectly for our family!  Every time I have a meal, I sit down with Liam and offer him whatever I am eating.  Since Conor & I both love to cook, our food is almost always freshly prepared and nutritious.  I like the convenience of not having to prepare a separate meal for Liam.  Sometimes he eats what we offer, but not always.  The important thing is little L always has healthy options and eventually I know that he will start eating more & more.

Conor & I also love the aspect of sharing all our meals with Liam!  I grew up having family dinners every night, so it was important to me for us all to eat together.  Feeding Liam early and eating with Conor later is not how I wanted our evenings to go.  It's nice to prepare a meal, sit down together, and not have to decide who is going to feed the baby.  As he gets older, Liam becomes more & more interested in dinnertime.  He's recently become intrigued by using utensils and dipping things!  Little L can just devour some pretzel chips & hummus!  He is always watching Conor & I and wants to be doing exactly what we are.  I like to
think he is learning from all the experiences we are having during meal time.

We have also loved not having to worry about bringing food for Liam when we are on the go.  He simply eats some of what we eat, and if he doesn't it's no big deal because he is still going strong with breastfeeding.  I also think about all the money we have saved by not purchasing countless amounts of pouches & jars of pureed baby food.  This whole process has been completely stress free for both Conor & me.

Now to address some of the concerns with BLW:  Choking/gagging?  Liam has never choked on his food.  We always made sure to give him pieces of food that were either very large (for gnawing on in the early days) or small enough that he could manage.  We did experience some gagging every once in awhile, but Liam quickly learned his gag reflux and it was never much of a problem after that point.  Is it messy?  It can definitely be a messy experience letting your little ones feed themselves, but they have to learn eventually!  One thing I wish Conor & I did differently was, for a short time, taking away Liam's food when he really started to play with it.  This is all part of the experience and we quickly decided that we should just go back to letting him explore!  Liam will eat more food if we give him the time to fully examine (smell, taste, squish, etc) different things.  Now that he is so excited about using utensils, he wants to keep practicing with them even if he's done eating.  This is especially true with a container of yogurt!  He will get yogurt everywhere, but he loves being independent and will hopefully be a master with the spoon in no time! He also has just started working on his fork skills. He just started chasing blueberries around his tray with his fork one day and has gotten better and better at skewering his little bits of food and bringing them up to his mouth for a nibble. He gets a big smile on his face when Mom and Dad show excitement in those successful utensil-bites!

One of Liam's new favorite foods is quesadillas!  He likes having a piece in each hand (we're still not sure if he's a lefty or a righty) and takes the smallest nibbles ever!  I like this meal for little L because it covers a few different foods groups; we fill them with cheese, black beans, & sometimes chicken.  I think this has become a favorite because he is eating exactly what we are!  Sometimes I only give him part of Conor & my meals and he definitely notices.  It's amazing how much he watches us and wants to be doing the same things.  I am happy that we both have healthy eating habits and will be able to instill them in Liam as well.  

Liam still doesn't eat much in the way of volume during meal times, but he has worked up a good variety in his favorite foods. Again, we don't stress about this because Liam is still breastfed and is getting all of his necessary nutrients from me.  But we love how he is willing to try most things & we know that Liam will be an excellent eater when he is ready!  I couldn't speak more positively about Baby Led Weaning and would encourage all families to at least explore the possibility of integrating this feeding method when introducing foods to their little ones!

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk 
to you more about BLW and our/Liam's experiences!


  1. I miss those days of watching them try out new foods.

  2. We didn't do BLW exactly (there were some purees), but because of my daughter's milk protein intolerance, it's been a bit of an adventure. We started giving her "spoon foods" earlier than we gave them to her brother because of the limited protein. (She doesn't eat any meat but roast beef or meat stuffed in pasta.) Even her big brother praises her when she uses the spoon. <3

  3. We're doing BLW with our first and it's been amazing! Now at a year old he just eats what we do along with nursing pretty frequently still. I wish I knew about it with my first!!!

  4. Cute baby :)
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