Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

For the 2nd year in a row, we spent Labor Day weekend in Montana!  The Flathead Valley is incredibly beautiful, and we had the perfect weather to take it all in!  My parents traveled to Montana for the weekend  as well, making the whole trip just that much more amazing!  It's rare that Conor & I get to have both sets of parents together, and I love that Liam was able to have all sorts of Grandparents time!

This time we flew into Kalispell, so our flight was less than an hour and a half!  As Liam gets older, he only gets busier & harder to contain on our laps!  Usually he's all about the pamphlets in the seat back pocket, but these flights he was most interested in interacting with us and staring out the window!  He also knows exactly what happens when the flight attendant brings out the drink cart (water & pretzels galore!), which he gets so anxious for as soon as he spots it!  Flying with little L is quite the adventure, but we love it.  Flights 15 & 16: officially in the books!

Our weekend was filled with plenty of eating & drinking, which always happens since the Keenan's are in the restaurant industry.  I think about the deliciousness that I'm am going to consume while there literally the entire week before our visit.  Our days were primarily spent on the pontoon boat & the evenings at The Bigfork Inn having family dinners.  Liam absolutely loves the boat & the water!  We love having him experience life on the lake, since Conor & I both grew up this way.

 One evening, we drove up to Whitefish for a BBQ at Conor's sister's house!  If I were to live in Montana, it would have to be in Whitefish; I just love that little town.  This Montana visit was the first time we met our new niece Dagny!  She was born on Liam's birthday exactly one year later (crazy coincidence) and is such a beautiful baby girl.  We let Liam hold her, and while he was unsure at first.... he started giving her and us smiles by the end of the experience.  Once we took Dagny away, he wanted her back in his arms!  Absolutely adorable!!!  Looks like someone is going to be an amazing big brother; and don't worry... the baby fever is still in full force!

Another first for little L was using crayons!  While we were at breakfast, our waitress brought some out for him (I guess since he looks like a 2 year old; please stop growing so fast!) and he was loving them.  He tried a little bit of coloring, but was rather unsuccessful this go-around.  However, he was very interested in them and loved taking them in & out of the mug.  I want to purchase some triangle shaped crayons for his little hands and hopefully get him coloring soon!

Our trip was all about spending time with family, who I feel we never have enough time with.  I can only imagine all the fun that would be had if we lived in the same city.  Sometimes it's incredibly tough to live far away, but it makes seeing everyone that much more meaningful.  Watching Liam play with his aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents & cousins makes me so happy.  I look forward to watching his relationship grow with each of them.  Who knows where we will be living in the next 2, 5, or 10 years from now...but hopefully we'll be inching our way closer to our families! 

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