Sunday, September 15, 2013

Utah State Fair Fun

Leave it to us to wait until the very last day of the fair to finally make a trip out there!  I guess I kept waiting for some cooler weather, which is just starting to creep into Utah.  Right now, I'm considering upper 70s "fall weather".  If it could drop another 10 degrees, it will finally be scarf & sweater weather!  Can you tell I am excited about fall?...  Nonetheless, today we finally took Liam on his 1st trip to the fair!

Having lived all over the country, I've been to my fair share of state fairs.  While the Maryland State Fair might have been that I have seen, Utah didn't disappoint.  We spent plenty of time checking out all the animals, because I know how much little L loves his furry friends!  Today we learned that he likes pigs & cows but sheep & goats terrify him!  Such a silly little boy we have.  He loved being able to pet a few of the smaller animals, and even made himself particularly comfortable with a baby cow!

After we looked at & pet every animal we could find, it was time for some fair rides!  I was all sorts of excited to take Liam on the Ferris Wheel for the 1st time!  As we approached the Ferris Wheel, I realized it was big & moving very fast...  We worried that Liam would probably bit a bit frightened and  felt we were in for a wiggly, crying little boy.  So we decided to look for something a little more in his wheelhouse...  I was pretty bummed since I had been imaging this Ferris Wheel ride for weeks, but I didn't want to chance Liam having a freak out while we were at the very top!

Instead we opted for the Merry-Go-Round, since we know little L loves is obsessed with it!  His huge smile & laugh just melt my heart when he goes for a ride.  However, as soon as it starts slowing down the tears start flowing!  He gets so upset when the ride is over... every time!  Why can't carousel rides last 10 minutes, minimum!

We decided to be a little bit adventurous and take Liam on this fun monster truck ride.  We thought he would love riding in the car and all the bumps it drove over...well, we were wrong!  This ride was a little overwhelming, so he went from moments of curiosity to moments of terror.  Luckily, it was a short ride and he was back safe in my arms shortly.

After the rides, Liam was more than ready for a nap!  He had all the excitement he needed to last him until next year's fair.  And thank goodness it only comes once a year!  While I love the experience, it is just that... an experience!  The people watching is amazing!!!  The fair is a fun Fall tradition I never want to miss out on, but I can only handle a few hours of it.  Before we took off, however, we needed to get some Fair grub!  While I was in the market for an elephant ear, I never found a stand that had them (maybe Utah is too cool for elephant ears?!).  Instead I settled on a caramel apple, and Conor snacked on a corn dog.  He may (jokingly I hope...) consider himself a "corn dog connoisseur", while I don't think I ever have nor ever will eat one!

Hope you all had a fun weekend 
and are starting to get some fall weather as well!


  1. lol, my husband is the same way about corndogs, and i just think they are absolutely gross! (but have never actually eaten one before)
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. Agreed, so gross! I'm hoping corn dogs are never one of Liam's favorite foods!

  3. Looks like such a fun time! Love Liams outfit :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

    1. Thanks, there's just nothing cuter than a little boy in overalls. If only it would have been cold enough for a plaid flannel shirt underneath! ;-)


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