Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Day in the Life

I am finally getting around to documenting a day in the life of Liam & I.  He is 14 1/2 months old and my best little friend.  No day is like another, but hopefully this will be a nice little glimpse into our daily lives.  This post is something that I know I will look back on fondly, not wanting to forget any little detail.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013

 8:30 am:  I'm usually already wake, just reading the news, weather, & blogs on my phone.  I like to have a little me time before I start the day, even though Liam is typically sleeping across my belly!  Once Liam wakes up he immediately gets out of bed and heads for the family room!  He impatiently waits for me to go the bathroom and get a glass of water.  I change his diaper and then it's time for coffee & breakfast!

8:45am:  Little L devours a bowl of yogurt, which he eats for breakfast every day right now!  I send a text out to Victoria & Max seeing if they want to come over for some coffee and to play!

9:00 am: Victoria & Max walk across the street for a couple hours of crazy play time!  We are inside & outside, upstairs & downstairs...always chasing these two around!  Every one is in their PJ's, and life is good! 

Multiple times throughout the day:   I get to look down at this sweet face who is having his "nursies."  He crawls into my lap and slows down just for these few precious moments!

11:00 am - 12:30 pm:  Victoria & Max head home and Liam goes down for a nap.  I lay with him during nap time; this way, he sleeps much longer.  I take this time to read my Kindle or nap as well.  Some days I really need the sleep!

12:30 pm:  Lunch time!  Usually leftovers for me and cottage cheese or hummus for Liam.  The boy is still nursing so much, that most of his nutrition comes from breastmilk.  So meal times are more like snack time for this little guy.

1:00 pm:  I attempt to do a few chores around the house.  I do about 1 load of laundry a day, that way it is manageable and I stay on top of it.  I alternate between whites, darks, and diapers.  Liam runs around the basement like crazy while I'm trying to hang up laundry, so I put some old birthday cards in this tub for him and he loved it!  It kept him entertained and in one place for a bit!

1:30 pm:  We spend some time outside, watering & dead-heading the flowers.  Liam is quite the little helper and always stays close by my side.  He loves any reason to be outside.  In fact, he'll bring me my shoes throughout the day to encourage me to go outside with him!

2:00 pm:  We finally get dressed for the day.  Sometimes I take a shower....some days I don't (today I didn't).  Depends on how much time I want to spend on this and what kind of mood little L is in! There's no door between our bathroom and bedroom, so when I'm in the shower he has access to all sorts of things!

2:30 pm:  We leave the house and run some errands.  Today we went shopping for some new shoes for Liam (I love any excuse to "pop" in to Nordstrom), and then bought stuff for dinner at the grocery store.  Sometimes Liam gets a sticker from the cashier which he is just starting to become excited about!  Today he got a blue hippo!

4:30 pm:  Back at the house, we unload groceries and sometimes start to prep dinner.  But this day, the weather was beautiful so we played outside!  He loves taking walks to get the mail and is just fascinated by the mailboxes.

He also likes to mow the lawn for Daddy!

5:30 pm:  Dad comes home to big smiles & lots of giggles from Liam.  The best part of every day!

 The evenings seem to fly by in our house!  Conor plays with Liam while I get dinner ready and have a little bit of "me" time.  We all eat together and then play outside with the neighbors or up in Liam's playroom if it's too cold outside.

8:00 pm:  Little L is in the tub, splashing around and trying to wind down from the day.  Then Dad gets him in his jammies and reads a few bedtime stories.  

8:30 pm:  I nurse Liam to sleep which can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  I try hard not to fall asleep while laying down in a dark & quiet room.  I take in his sweet smell & soft skin as he slowly closes his eyes and drifts off.  I play a little Candy Crush to make sure he is completely asleep... and then sneak out!

9:00 pm:  I catch up on any emails and do a little blogging.  Conor pours us a glass of wine or a cocktail and  we snuggle on the couch watching a show or a movie.  My days are nonstop and always busy, so I treasure these quiet moments in the evening.  It gives Conor & I good chance to connect and talk about our day.

11:00 pm:  We usually head to bed around this time or whenever Liam wakes up for the first time.  Little L still doesn't sleep for long stretches, so I nurse him back to sleep and then give him to Conor to snuggle for the first part of the night.  Once he wakes again, he usually spends the rest of the night draped across me nursing on & off as he pleases.  I stay asleep for most of it surprisingly.

And the next morning,  we do it all over again.  I love this life and am the happiest mama & wife there is!  A huge thanks to Conor for being such a supportive husband and loving father.  He is the reason I am one of the lucky ones who gets to stay-at-home with L each day.  I have always loved the quote, "The days are long, but the years are short."  This couldn't be more true.  I can't believe I already have a toddler and how our days are always changing.  I'll want to keep doing posts like this so I can always remember how L & I spent our earlier days together.  Especially while it's just the two of us!


  1. Sounds like a fun day - little Liam is such a cutie and looks like such a happy little guy :)

    1. Thanks, he is definitely a happy baby! I just love his little smile.

  2. Our mailbox is just like yours and Carter is OBSESSED with opening them and using the keys! He also loves his lawn mower just like Liam!

  3. I always love reading these kind of posts! Sounds like such a happy little family you have :)

    1. Thank you! I wish I had done one sooner. I'm going to try and keep it up from now on!


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