Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Day on the Farm

This week we decided to mix things up and go to a nearby farm instead of the zoo!  It was a beautifully sunny day, with just enough nip in the air to feel like Fall!  The leaves are starting to change, so the scenery was beautiful!  We went with our best friends Max & Victoria!  These two boys already love each other so much and are constantly running across the street to the other's house!  Liam is always saying "hi" to Max from his bedroom window; it truly is the most adorable thing!

On the farm we saw ducks, cows, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, & chickens!  There were plenty of opportunities to practice all the new animal names and sounds that Liam has learned.  However, Liam was particularly quiet today, so I didn't get to hear his famous "Moo!", not even once!  And to be completely honest, he learned so many sounds so quickly that they are starting to blend together a bit.  Nonetheless, Liam loved just being able to run around outside, chasing Maxwell anywhere he went!

Their favorite thing was the big John Deere tractor!  The seat was just big enough for them to sit together; Max handled the steering while Liam played with a few gears.  They both had a slight meltdown when we took them off, but were back to all smiles for the wagon ride!  The bumpy ride made Liam a little sleepy so he wanted "nursies" right then & there!  Add wagon to the long list of random places I've nursed little L.  I have no shame nursing my 14 month old in front of anyone.  Luckily there no stares or glares from the other passengers...at least that I noticed!

Our impromptu visit to the farm made for such a fun day!  I love having friends right in our neighborhood, making these outings so easy to throw together.  We spent most of the evening running around outside with a few of neighbor kids until the sun went down.  The long summer nights are behind us, and the brisk & chilly ones are setting in.  Now I'm off to get in my cozies and watch some New Girl in front of the fireplace!  Perfect to another wonderful day with Liam!

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