Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Eve

While things have been festive for quite awhile around here, we really kicked it up a notch tonight in anticipation of Halloween tomorrow!  I cannot believe this will be Liam's 1st year trick-or-treating (regardless of the fact that he cannot say "trick" or "treat" or really any version of it)!!!  While I like to have Liam participate in all my little traditions, I knew that he wouldn't be wielding a knife and carving his pumpkin on Halloween Eve, so we let him paint his own pumpkin last weekend.

I had never really thought of painting pumpkins, until I saw it all over Pinterest.  It's a perfect way to let little ones decorate their pumpkins while keeping all their fingers & toes intact.! Liam had never played with paint before, so I knew we were in for lots of excitement and a huge mess!  It was a surprisingly warm October day, so we put down a piece of cardboard (not nearly big enough) on the side walk and started with a few little bottles of paint and some brand spanking new brushes!  After we showed Liam what to do, he quickly began dipping the paintbrush in the bottle over & over!  He would put a quick dab on the pumpkin and then go back for more paint!  It was washable paint (so the label said), and I prayed that it really was.

He was such a mess, but in the moment we were all loving it!  Liam really enjoyed this new sensory activity!  He was so concentrated the entire time; he really focused on getting his paintbrush in the tiny hole of the bottle.  He was so proud of his work and wanted Conor & I both right there with him to watch. If he decided that we were not close enough to see what he was doing, he would reach out, grab our hand, and pull us in nice and close. Things started out somewhat clean, but eventually paint was on our clothes, feet, hair, face, etc. and the brush was rarely making its way to the pumpkin anymore.  So we called it quits and took a midday bath (a fun surprise he thought) followed by some laundry.  Good news: the paint really was washable!  I'm sure we'll be using it again soon since Liam loved it so much.  Whenever he sees his painted pumpkin he points and asks for "help" (I think his way of saying "let's paint again")!

Back to tonight: After we put Liam to bed it was pumpkin carving time!  The fall scented candles were lit, the hard cider had been poured, the Halloween candy had been tapped into, and I was making my first batch of homemade chex mix (Scramble) of the season!  Just the smell of it baking makes me remember being back at my parent's house and sitting around a newspaper covered kitchen table all carving our pumpkins!  Now, I get to bring these smells & memories to my own house.

While Conor is in comparison a professional pumpkin carver, my skills are about that of a 7 year old...  But I love the experience and tradition of it all, so I still carve a funky looking pumpkin each year.  I had planned on carving an owl & I had a beautiful template all ready... And as soon as my pumpkin was gutted & seeded, the little man woke up crying!  He did not go back down easy and unfortunately just kept waking up every time I tried to leave the room.  So for the sake of time, my owl carving ended up just being converted into a weird looking face (no different than any other year I suppose...).

This is parenthood, and sometimes it's frustrating.  I wanted to sit with my husband while we enjoyed one of my favorite traditions on Halloween Eve.   However, Liam just had a new molar break through and his gums looked incredibly painful.  I know that he's hurting and that my snuggles & "nursies" are what make everything okay.  And that makes missing out on pumpkin carving okay too!  Liam brings a new joy to each holiday, which more than makes up for the changes in plans that he throws my way.  I mean, I get to go trick-or-treating again now!  Winning!

While I enjoy my "me" time in the evenings and the few chances that I have to blog, I'm ready to go snuggle that little pumpkin of mine.  And I can't wait to watch his big blue eyes open in the morning so I can tell him "Happy Halloween" and begin our day of fun!  I hope all your little ghouls & goblins sleep well tonight!  Looking forward to seeing all the little ones in their costumes tomorrow!!!


  1. I love the pumpkin painting! I can't wait to do it with Josephine next year.

    Thanks for sharing the reality that sometimes our plans or traditions sometimes have to take a backseat to what our babies need. I hope Liam is feeling better and you have a fun-filled Halloween:)

  2. Thank you! Today is off to a great start! Enjoy your first halloween with Josephine!


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