Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mama & Mini Style: Elbow Patches

Sorry I have been missing this past week...  My parents have been in town visiting, so I am soaking up every moment that they are here.  Our evenings have been spent chatting on the couch in front of the fire, instead of checking out my new computer!  I may have received an early birthday present... but that is a post for another day.   

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This is my first Mama & Mini post!  I see these all over the place for moms and daughters, but it's rare to find one for us boy moms.  While you never want to be too "matchy matchy" with your little boy, a bit of color coordination never hurt anyone.  I have to admit that it is hard to not think about what I am wearing when picking an outfit for Liam.  I know he will soon be choosing his own clothes, so I am enjoying these days while they last.

This fall/winter seems to be all about elbow patches for the little guys!  I am in love, and not just for little L!  While they are a bit rare in women's clothing, I have found some great options!  H&M has them on everything right now; no complaints here!  An elbow patch just screams sweater weather!  Enjoy these mama & mini elbow patch items with a cup of cocoa and your little one.  :-)


  1. I love elbow patches!! They are TOO cute on toddlers.

  2. aww I love elbow patches ,I am glad that they are bringing them back. You are right, they don't have a lot of mommy and son matching clothes. When I was a little girl I always dressed like my mommy. It was the cool thing to do, and now I am glad to see that it is coming back

  3. Oh man your compilation is so sweet!! I love finding cute boy clothes :) Soak up your time with your parents - what a blessing that is! And a fire sounds nice... as does a new computer ;)


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