Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nana & Pops

Having my parents in town for a visit was just incredible!  I talk to my mom on the phone daily, but there is just nothing like being together in person.  We try to Facetime with our parents on a regular basis so Liam is used to seeing their faces and hearing their voices.  I so badly wish that they could be a part of our lives on a daily basis, but we are making do.

From the moment I picked my parents up from the airport, Liam was so excited!  Pops had him giggling in the back seat the entire ride home!  I can remember how hard my Dad would always make me laugh during my childhood; it is such a surreal experience to see him do the same with my baby boy.  I absolutely love seeing my parents interact with Liam, and it only gets better as Liam gets older.  Being grandparents looks good on them!  I knew that little L was going to be the happiest little boy now that he had new people to play with.  I don't think he slowed down for 1 minute the entire week!

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, wanting to capture every single moment and smile; however, I was a little busy living in the moment (my new mantra right now) to pull out my camera/phone at every opportunity.  Here are some snapshots of our adventures, which included a visit the zoo, our 3rd time at Oktoberfest,  a bonfire, a couple walks, and many trips in & out of the teepee.  (Not pictured is all the beer, wine, cider, gin fizzes, & bloody mary's that were consumed during their stay)...

My dad just stayed for a long weekend ("Somebody has to work!" he says), while my mom stayed with us for an entire week!  She is such a help to me during her visits... it's as if Liam has two moms for the week!  She changes almost all of little L's diapers (she's a pro with cloth after cloth diapering all three of her own babies).  She plays with L so I can cook without him on my hip or clawing at my legs, or lets me take a break the kitchen and she whips up one of her many delicious meals (like this baked french toast)!  Regardless of who cooks, she always  does the dishes and practically cleans my whole kitchen.  She makes my busy life just a little bit easier every day, all while being a loving Nana to our little boy.

It's always hard to see them go, because so much fun is had when we all get together.  It never feels like we have enough time with one another.  I miss them so much already, so I'm trying to plan a trip home sometime in November....  Christmas is just much too far away (unless we're talking about Christmas shopping, because then Christmas seems all too near)! 

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