Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

This is our first Fall in Utah, so I needed to find a pumpkin patch that would measure up to some of my favorites we have found around the country.  I'm probably a bit of a pumpkin patch snob...  I want to have the whole farm experience and be able to pick my pumpkin right off the vine, prickly stems and all!  My friend Victoria came through and told me about a place her coworker had recommended.  I was slightly skeptical from what I read online, but it was the only place that sounded promising.  On Saturday, we made the long 50 minute drive north of here to Black Island Farms.

It was a warm, sunny day, so we spent the first hour letting Liam run around and check out all the fun kids activities.  They had all sorts of farm animals (Liam particularly loved the goats and did not want to leave them), big slides built with hay bales, a "corn" box (much like a sand box...but with dried corn), & a fun little tractor pulled train ride.  Conor & I took turns trying out all the different activities with him.  Little L was all smiles; so many great photo opportunities!

Once Liam had filled his pants, shoes, & pockets with corn from the corn box... we decided to try out the corn maze.  Because we apparently hadn't had enough corn fun yet!  I wasn't sure how Liam would handle walking through a small maze with lots of other people; however, I had no reason to worry because he loved it!  He was super excited about finding dried ears of corn and pulling each little kernel out as we made our way through the maze.  We let him lead the way, and he actually navigated us quite well!  This seemed to be his favorite part of the whole day!  He probably could have ran around inside that maze 'til bedtime!

We finally decided to pry Liam out of the corn maze, so we could do what we actually came to farm for: pick some prime pumpkins!  We had to wait in a fairly long line to take a hayride to the patch, but luckily our little one was working on his patience and didn't get too upset.  There were plenty of kids running around to watch and keep him occupied while we waited!  The hayride was bumpy, which just delighted Liam.  He loved standing on the seat and watching the fields go by as we rumbled along.  The pumpkins at this farm were big and beautiful; some of the best looking pumpkins I have ever seen!  It didn't take us long to find the perfect three!

I could tell Liam was getting pretty tired and he definitely wanted to nurse, so I just had to sit down on a pumpkin and let little L have a snack.  Conor just happened to snatch a picture, which I just love!  Breastfeeding is still a beautiful part of Liam & my relationship (even into the toddler years)!  I am so proud to have made it this far, and for us to still be going strong.

I would have to imagine, this was the best day of Liam's little life so far!  It makes my heart so happy to see him exploring his world with big smiles and enjoying all the little things around him.  I was smiling right along with him!  Days like this are so special for Conor & I as parents as well!  We are so happy with our little family; we dreamed of days like this together!  I have always loved a good trip to the pumpkin patch, but it has never been quite like this.  I can hardly imagine what it will be like when we have 2 or 3? little Keenans tearing  around the patch with us sometime in the future.  Life is so good!

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  1. That last picture makes my heart happy, too! It's so great that moment was captured!

    1. Thanks, I love that my husband thinks the capture these moments!


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