Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap on Wednesday?  It's been a busy week already, so I am just now getting around to blogging again.  It was too good of a weekend not to share!  Saturday morning we woke up to the cutest little voice staring right at us and saying "hi" over & over!  Liam is our alarm clock, but luckily he sleeps in til 8 or 8:30!  That morning we all piled into the car for a quick drive to Saturdays Waffles, a local waffle truck!  Conor waited in the long line while little L & I stayed nice and toasty in the car.  The waffles were amazing; the best waffles I've ever had!  And I'm not usually a waffle person, but ever since I heard about this waffle truck I have not been able to get them out of my mind!  I ordered a maple bacon one along with one covered with bananas foster...and they do not skimp on the toppings.  I'm pretty sure mine came with an entire sliced banana!  Breakfast just doesn't get better than this!

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing!  The weather was absolutely beautiful (it has been a pretty spectacular Fall here in Utah already), so we were outside for most of the day.  Liam spent plenty of time in his swing!  We live in a rather new development, so all of the trees are young & small.  This didn't stop us from setting up a swing for Liam!  Conor is incredibly handy, so he built a frame for us to hang little L's swing from.  I love having a husband who is capable of so many DIY projects!

We also squeezed in a little football, but unfortunately the Huskies lost!  The game was on so late, that I didn't stay awake for it all and therefore missed the bad calls and heartbreak at the end of the game.  I really don't like these late games....some of us have to sleep once in awhile!

Sunday was our busy day!  I finally took all my summer flowers out of the pots and got our porch officially ready for Fall.  Costco has had the most beautiful mums, so I picked up two big pots of red ones!  I also picked the Cinderella pumpkins that I've been growing!  I love how they have imperfections and that they came from my own garden!  We also finally put some Adirondack chairs on our porch and even found one in just Liam's size (I wish they had another color other than green left).  He absolutely loves having his own little chair and spends lots of time climbing in & out of it.  Liam & I have spent the last few mornings on the porch together.  He stays busy with his chair and picking tomatoes off my plants while I sit back and enjoy my pumpkin spice coffee while basking in the morning sun.  This is the life, let me tell you!

While I was busy on the porch, Conor put a fire pit in our backyard!  We didn't use a kit or anything, just picked out the stones we wanted to use and Conor went from there.  It turned out just like I was imagining and has already been put to good use!  Liam knows that the fire is "hot" and he keeps his distance!  I've got a pretty good little boy on my hands!  He loves Home Depot and especially enjoys helping to push the cart.  He is already so strong; it blows my mind.

Between our trip to Home Depot and helping Daddy with the fire pit, Liam was tuckered out early on Sunday night.  So while Conor cooked a delicious dinner (herb crusted rack of lamb), I put Liam in the tub and then to bed.  We usually have dinner with Liam, but he was much to exhausted this evening.  It was nice to have a meal with Conor where we could eat slowly and enjoy long conversations.  We stayed at the table long after eating, just finishing up our wine and taking in the quiet and relaxing evening.  We love our little boy so much, but it was refreshing to pause and enjoy the moment. 

Thank goodness it's already hump day, because I'm ready 
for the weekend again!  My parents are coming for a visit starting for 
tomorrow, and I am giddy with excitement!!!


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend, and it ended on a great note. It's nice to have those moments of quiet where you can enjoy each others company! The dinner sounds like it was pretty delicious too!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Have fun with your parents!


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