Monday, November 18, 2013

A Letter to the Editor

Many people are surprised to hear that Conor is the editor behind my little blog!  Yes, my husband proofreads almost all my posts (the ones he doesn't are probably the ones with errors) and sometimes adds his wit along the way.  I love that he supports my hobby and takes time to help me improve as a writer.  I don't usually read my posts after his edits, so hopefully he isn't sneaking in any quips that I should know about!

With it being the season of "thanks", I wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am for Conor!  He has taken on the role of Dadda so easily, and it looks good on him!  Recently, he has taken over most of the bath time duties, so that I may have some time to myself to wind down from my day.  He & Liam have developed their own routine and seem to truly enjoy their guy time.  I love listening to Liam's laughs coming from upstairs when they are together.

Tonight I popped upstairs to take a peak at the two of them...  Liam was running around completely naked except for a hat, giggling wildly.  Conor gets the best belly laughs from him!  Conor was also sporting one of little L's hats, since lately Liam is all about playing "dress up" with his hat collection (while naked of course).  I could watch the two of them play together all night.  My heart is so full!

Thank you for all that you do Conor!
Liam & I love you so so much!


  1. Josh proofs most of mine too! What a sweet thank you to your hubby!

  2. This is too sweet and I love the pictures!!!!



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