Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday

It's finally the Christmas season, eek!!!  I absolutely cannot contain my excitement, fa la la la la la la!  Since I'm sure you are all quickly tossing back your coffee this morning before heading out for some Black Friday shopping and Christmas tree decorating, let's get right to it today. Apparently there is no official Five on Friday today, but I had already scheduled this post (look at me!).  So enjoy these five things I'm excited about regardless:

I have never been into Black Friday shopping (I know, crazy right?), but this year I am excited about some online sales!  First up is Little Hip Squeaks!  She is having 25% off everything (use code GOBBLE) and there are door busters at 7am eastern time.  I have been eyeing her stuff since I found out I was pregnant (2 years ago)!  I might be making some purchases for my own little girl someday (SOMEDAY, I am not currently pregnant) or finding some cute things for my nieces.  This means I'll be waking up at 5am, but I think I can handle it!

The other Black Friday deal I'm excited about is at Freshly Picked!  I love that these are handmade locally in Utah (I guess I have just a teensy amount of Utah pride...teensy tiny).  I have been wanting a pair of moccasins for Liam forever!  I always held off on them because of the price tag, but since they are 25% off (coupon code not available at time of post) I am taking the plunge.  I haven't decided on a color yet, but I'm leaning towards a least for our 1st pair!

Now that Thanksgiving (which I'll recap soon) is behind us, it's time to put up the family Christmas tree!  As per tradition, The Keenan Family will be heading out to a local Christmas tree farm today to cut down our own.  This is such a fun way to pick out that perfect tree; the taller the better in my book!  I'm pretty sure our new house can accommodate a 10-12 foot tree this year...  I can't wait to see our selection on top of the car, and then in the house of course!  It's not going in the yard Russ...

Usually I am dropping off our Christmas cards at the post office today...  I like sending them off early, and I start checking our mailbox compulsively looking for cards to arrive from our friends & family.  I love Christmas cards!  Anyways, I am way behind schedule this year.  I've been waiting for it to snow to take a picture, and I'm still waiting!!!  I live in Utah, this is crazy!  I have our attire picked out, I can picture the scene in my head, now where is the damn snow?!  I may hold out through the weekend, but then we will have to take a picture regardless, because I need to get them ordered and then mailed out ASAP!  I know I could use a picture we already have, but I like to take one right before the holiday so it reflects exactly how Liam looks right now.  He is changing so quickly it seems silly to use a picture from a month or two ago.  I have been eyeing all the options on Tiny Prints and even have a 25% code, so I am just itching to get these done!  I'm lovin' the simplicity of this card, but I really can't choose 'til we have the picture...

After our Christmas tree goes up, I will be decking the halls like crazy today!  One new thing I'm excited about is this free Christmas print!  I'm going to put it in a simple black frame and place it on my coffee bar!  It's going to look perfect!  I'm really into all these fun prints for the holidays, so much so that I put the two that Jessica shared last year up in Liam's playroom!

Now go toss back some eggnog 
(preferably from a moose cup) and get to decorating!


  1. I had already written a Five on Friday post too!

  2. We love the moccasins! Currently he has a pair of the gray (smoke) and wears them all the time. So when I saw the sale I ordered the next size for when he grows out of these. Everywhere I go people comment about how cute they are... Even men!!!


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