Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

Hello Friday & my birthday weekend/week/month!  My actual birthday was yesterday (I'm officially in my upper 20s at the age of 28) which I celebrated with my two favorite boys!  Tonight we have friends from San Francisco coming into town for a visit and I cannot wait for the celebrating to continue, cheers!  As usual, here is my Five on Friday.  Thanks to Darci and the girls for hosting!


I have a feeling everyone is going to be talking about the red cups... the holiday season is here!  And by holiday, I mean Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I like to give Thanksgiving it's fair time to shine; although, it is a bummer that it's so late this year.  Anyways, back to the red cups!  Just the sight of them excites me!  I may even have a red Starbucks cup Christmas Ornament, and it may or may not be one of my favorites!  My cup will be filled with eggnog lattes for the next 2 months!  They have only been out for a week, and I've already had three!  I guess my Kuerig is going to be neglected for awhile unless anyone has some awesome holiday k-cup suggestions?

While we're talking about egg nog, I have to mention that Talenti (the most amazing brand of gelato) has some festive flavors out:  Peppermint Bark & Old World Egg Nog!  They are both in my freezer as we speak and will not last long!  I have a serious love for egg nog.  I like it in my coffee (as stated above) and I like it straight with a little bit of fresh nutmeg grated on top.  I like it with booze, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love the gelato version of it!

The temperatures have really started dropping and we had our first snowfall here in Utah!  This means it's time to bust out the Smart Wool!  These socks keep my feet warm & toasty all winter long (sometimes I even sleep in them) and come in cute & funky designs.  Think stocking stuffers...  They look super adorable poking out the top of any boot, be it your Sorrels, Uggs, or Hunters!

My absolute favorite underwear/thong right now are Hanky Pankys!  They are all I wear.  They are one size fits all, and they fit perfectly!  I prefer the low rise, which worked well for me even when I was 9 months pregnant!  They have so many fun colors & prints, and they are sexy!  Again, this would be an amazing stocking stuffer!  You can just start calling me Mrs. Claus!

And to make this list as random as possible (all Five on Fridays really are), I have to talk about Rita's Ice!  The first time I tried some Rita's was when we moved to Delaware.  It is by far the best italian ice ever, and I quickly became addicted.  They are all over the East Coast, but I have never seen one anywhere else.  I have missed it like crazy since we moved 3 years ago!  Well, last week I noticed there is one in Utah super close to my house!!!  I took Conor on a surprise date there and we have already been back two more just one week!  Added bonus: it's open all year round unlike the ones back east!  My go-to flavors are mango, peach, & black raspberry.... it just doesn't get better than those (unless your adding custard, then it's better)!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  
Mine will be spent stuffing my face with the waffle truck again!


  1. yay for red cups! and hanky fave. all i wear!! those socks look awesome. i'm a big fan of comfy cozy (and cute!) socks. i have on some red knit socks right now with bows on from my MIL in england!!! ;)

    happy friday, pretty mama! xx

  2. Have a great weekend celebrating, Happy Birthday!


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