Monday, November 11, 2013

Late Twenties

Last Thursday, I officially turned 28 years old and entered what I consider to be "the late-20's"...  I don't get discouraged about turning a year older at this point in my life. At least not yet.  28 feels good!  If you asked me 10 years ago where I would want to be at this point in my life, I can honestly say that I would have given an answer that sounds a lot like my life is today!  I have the most loving husband & I am lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom to a joyful little boy with the blue eyes & blond hair I had always imagined!

To a certain extent, my birthday was mostly just like any other day as Liam's mom.  Of course my crazy little boy didn't quite understand that it was my birthday, so to him, it was just another fun Thursday!  I did however, have a package from my parents to open in the morning!  The big box contained four of those wonderful silver boxes from Nordstrom each with a fun little gift hand selected by my mom!  She knows my taste so well, and made some excellent choices for me!  I love the excitement of new clothes; so I, of course, threw on one of my new shirts right away before heading out the door for the day!

That morning Liam and I went at the library to scavenge for new books to bring home, all while sipping on an egg nog latte that Liam so generously bought for me from Starbucks. :-)  I try to keep my little man as busy as possible while we are there so that he is ready for a nap as soon as when we get home.  Unfortunately, I only got a short nap out of him before he was ready to start running around again.  I decided a trip to Nordstrom to exchange one birthday item and start some Christmas shopping would be a great plan.  It makes me so happy to purchase that very first gift of Christmas and was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.   Liam usually enjoys our shopping trips as long as I wear him and he has plenty to look at.  His shy act doesn't last long and I always find him flirting it up with the sales ladies!

Conor came home from work a bit early, so that he could take Liam on some critical errands while I showered in peace & quiet and got ready for our evening out (actually with Pandora blaring and a glass of wine)!  My boys came back with flowers, cards, & "bee-yoons!" (balloons) which brought a huge smile to my face.  Conor always lets Liam pick out a card as well and usually writes something hilarious/adorable inside.  This time Liam picked out a kitten "I love you" card and he meowed the entire time I read it:

Happy Birthday Mommy!
I picked this card out just
for you and all by myself!
I was really excited about the
kitty and so I thought you would love it!
LIAM :-)

Normally, Liam does well at restaurants; he loves all the people & the action!  So we decided to bring him along on my birthday dinner to our favorite sushi restaurant.  He even took a little snooze on the way there, so I thought the night would go perfectly.  However, we are learning that he is a bit more unpredictable as a toddler and our night didn't exactly go as planned.  He was a little angle just long enough for us to order drinks & food...  At that point he quickly became restless and cranky. With a new molar cutting through his gums that day, I just can't blame him.  Conor & I spent most of the meal trading off who was walking around with Liam while the other one stole a few bites.  It was not how I pictured our evening going, or what things have been like with him at restaurants in the past, but I completely accept & understand the challenges our little boy brings our way at times.  I was just happy to be celebrating with my little family, even though it wasn't one of our best nights.

This year, my birthday took on a new meaning for me.  I found myself spending much more time thinking about my parents & that day of my birth.  We should all really be thanking our moms for bringing us into this world on our birthdays!  Being a mom myself now, Liam's birthday is so important & special to me.  I love remembering all the details of his birth day and how my life changed completely.  So, thank you Mom for all that you did to welcome me into the world! And just for fun, here are a few pictures from November 7th, 1985:

I can't wait to see what surprises 28 has in store for me!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I just turned 28 too. Late 20s are something else! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm a Scorpio too! hope its everything you dreamed of!



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