Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Spokane Getaway

Since we are not traveling home for Thanksgiving, Liam & I decided to make a quick trip to Spokane to see my family beforehand.  Liam is typically a great traveler, so I wasn't too worried about making the trip alone with a toddler.  Although, it has gotten increasingly difficult (read: exhausting) to fly with Liam as he gets older, but I still try to keep things as simple & easy as is possible with a rambunctious little boy!  You can read about my travel tips here.  This time I decided to bring an element of surprise that I was hoping would work in my favor... stickers!!!

When I told Conor that I had bought a book of stickers for Liam to play with during our flight, he was a little nervous.  I think his exact words were "I thought we made a joint parenting decision to never introduce stickers to our kid(s)!"  We don't want to have stickers all over our house & car for the next 20 years!  But since Liam loves getting a sticker at the grocery store & library, I figured this would be the perfect thing to keep him busy during our flight!

Tuesday morning I arrived at the airport with plenty of time for a Jamba Juice treat, diaper change, & some airplane watching.  Liam has recently become obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, & airplanes; such a little man!  We boarded our flight, got comfy in our seats (with a whole row to ourselves), and anxiously awaited takeoff...  We were parked at the gate forever, so I decided to bust out our in-flight entertainment.  I typically like to wait until we are airborne, but Liam didn't have that kind of patience this morning (possibly due to the fact that he did not get a nap in before our flight).  We read our lift-flap book ump-teen times, finished off all the snacks that I brought, and then dove right into some sticker fun!  Amongst all these activities, the captain comes on to tell us that there is a maintenance issue, but it should only be a 20 minute delay...  Cue minor freakout on my part!  Then a half hour later we get the news that we will be changing planes.  Are you absolutely kidding me?!  I just exhausted all my activities & food and we had to get off that plane, board another one, and then we still had the whole flight ahead of us!

To say the least, Liam was miserable & exhausted for our entire flight, but he refused to nurse or sleep.  Nursing always calms my little boy, so I find myself a bit at a loss when we refuses it.  Somehow we made it through our flight, but not without a fair amount or whining or crying.  By far our worst flight performance yet!  However, it was all worth it because our time in Spokane was amazing as always.  I love being home and having so much family time!  Our quick visit looked a little something like this:

A visit to see Pops at work.
Dinner at Great Grandpa's house.
Mama gets pedicure (a couple hours of me time) 
while Liam plays with Nana & Great Grandpa.
Grocery shopping & cooking a big flank steak dinner.
Dinner with Mama's Godfather.
Playdate with Liam's Godmother, Teeny (and her little bun in the oven).
Lunch at Brooklyn Deli with Nana.
Quick trip to Tonicx to see Uncle Ryan (unfortunately no afternoon cocktails).
Gordy's take-out.
Coffee & pastries at Rockwood Bakery.

As you can see, there was plenty of eating & drinking during our time in Spokane.  Liam also played with his Nana & Pops nonstop.  He definitely recognized them this visit and wasn't shy at all!  He gave Nana a huge smile as soon as we saw her at baggage claim, and he ran into her arms every time she came home from working out in the mornings.  I love how excited Liam is to spend time with them.  If only we lived closer.  I will move back home....someday...hopefully someday soon...-ish...  A girl can dream, right?

Our flight back (Liam's 16th flight!) went much better!  In fact, he was practically perfect which made me feel like that amazing mom who just rocked traveling with a toddler!  It was a full flight and he stayed put in my lap the whole time.  We read books & played with stickers and then got so excited about the beverage cart!  Water & pretzels are a big deal to my little 16 month old!  He nibbles off little bites and then takes them in & out of the bag for the rest of the flight.  He smiled and flirted with the other passengers, and shouted out a few "wows" & "whoas" as our flight landed.  The gentlemen sitting next to me asked if he travels often because he was so well behaved.  Why yes sir, we do travel often!  After this great experience, I'm not too worried about our next flight when we travel to Spokane for Christmas a little earlier than Conor.  Less than 4 weeks and counting!


  1. So glad you had such a fun trip home!! Liam is absolutely adorable. Would love to see you over Christmas - EVERYONE will be home!! xo

  2. He is so so cute...and you are so brave! :) We live in Western Wash...I heard Spokane is getting snow off and on. Did you have any when you were visiting?


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