Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This just may have been my most favorite Thanksgiving ever!  It might be because I feel like Conor & I nailed dinner, or it might be because Liam is at such a fun age right now.  Or, it might be because it was one of those elusive two nap days...  Nonetheless, Turkey Day 2013 was pretty spectacular for our little family!  We have lived all over the country in the past 4 years and haven't always been close enough to go see our families for Thanksgiving.   Instead, we have developed many of our own fun traditions.  While there are times that I miss the craziness that is big family holidays, our small celebration is just as special!

We started our morning off with a tasty breakfast of cinnamon rolls, maple blueberry sausage, fresh fruit, & mimosas (and boring yogurt for little L)!  I am not one of those people who doesn't eat all day in anticipation of a big dinner, that's crazy!  I really wanted to make my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls, but I knew that I just wouldn't have time to be whipping up some baked goods from scratch along with all the other cooking we'd be doing; and all while keeping a toddler happy.  So as to not over-extend myself (and then be stressed and/or disappointed), I found a local bakery and just purchased some (gasp!), but they were delicious!

The rest of our morning was spent watching the parade (bee-oons!) and preparing our Thanksgiving feast!  It was only the three of us, but we still make sure to have all the necessary dishes that make up your typically T-Day meal.  This which keeps us both pretty busy in the kitchen.  Conor took care of the bird & the stuffing while I handled the mashed potatoes, salad, & pie; we are quite the team!
This year marked the 4th Annual Keenan Family Thanksgiving Day Walk!  It has become a tradition to get a little exercise in before all the eating & drinking ensues later in the day.  Liam loves going for walks!  Once we say "walk" he runs right for his stroller and wants in immediately; however, he will only stay in the stroller for about 10 minutes until he decides that he wants to push the stroller or run through all the leaves in random people's yards.  He was loving the sunny weather and fully appreciated every little stick, leaf, & small bird we came across.  His excitement for the little things makes us so happy.  Our little guy ended up walking literally over a mile and never slowed down once!

Since it was such a beautiful day out (I would have preferred snow!), we also spent some time throwing around the football in our backyard.  It's not Thanksgiving without a little "fu-bull!  Maybe by next year Liam will be working on his spiral... I'm pretty sure we have a little football stud in the making.  His mama is so proud!

Coat: Northface
Our feast itself was amazing, but even more incredible was the fact that Liam hung out in his high chair for at least an hour!  Normally I'm scarfing down my food since I know he'll want to be down running around not long after dinner begins, but tonight he decided to give his mama a break.  I was able to slowly enjoy my meal AND drink an entire glass of wine all in one sitting!  We offered Liam all of our delicious eats, but he opted for cottage cheese instead.  One day this kid will appreciate his mom & dad's cooking skills.

As incredible as dinner was, I was so excited to end our Thanksgiving with our Christmas Pajama opening ceremony!  This year, Conor stepped up his game and decided to surprise me with jammies, so I didn't have to pick out my own.  I love how he gets into the holidays & traditions as much as I do!  We all dressed in our new jams & watched Shrek the Halls before putting the little one to bed.
I cannot wait for all the Christmas fun that is in store for us over the next 4 weeks!  Hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day of your own and are already knee deep in tinsel (who uses that stuff anymore?...) & Christmas lights!  


  1. Sounds like a great day! We always go for a thanksgiving morning walk too! Only, just like Liam, Carter doesn't stay in the stroller for long! Love the pic of you two kissing!

    1. Thanks! Liam insists upon the stroller in the beginning, but then quickly ditches it. I'm trying not to use it at all these days, and we've been pretty successful.

  2. I have to know where you got your sweater from in the adorable football pics??

  3. Love your jacket or sweater, so cute!! Your family is beautiful, glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  4. Seriously. You and your family belong in a magazine. You have the cutest little brood!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect holiday! And I can't get over your cute super blonde family :)


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