Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap on a Wednesday... still perfectly acceptable!  This weekend was an exciting one since we had our friends The Geiers, from San Francisco, in town for a visit.  Conor & I feel incredibly lucky to have friends living all over the country!  While we don't get to see many of them as often as we like, it never feels like we are that far apart.  Curt is actually from my hometown of Spokane, but we never knew one another until college.  Such a small little world we live in.

Curt & Michelle made a trip to Napa the week before arriving in Utah, so they brought plenty of amazing wine.  I'm pretty sure most of their luggage was wine with a few clothes mixed in! But as they informed us, "The more wine you have, the less clothes you'll need." :-)   Friends that visit with a variety of wine to share are the best kind of friends!  They arrived late Friday night after Liam was already in bed, so we popped a cork right away and spent the evening catching up!  Normally, we would have hit up the bars and stayed out way too late only to wake up with hangovers the next day.  Well... having a baby definitely changes your game plan a bit but it was great to unwind from the day with them and hear about what's new in their lives.  Or, maybe we're just getting old!  Still, evenings spent at home (dressed in my cozies) are much more appealing to me lately... as is waking up feeling great the next day (albeit tired since you will never sleep like you did before having kids)!

Saturday morning, Liam & I slept in (I could get used to this sleeping until 9am thing!) while everyone else made a trip to Saturday's Waffles!  These waffles are the simply the best; I keep going with maple bacon & bananas foster and I'm not sick of them yet!  If I were planning a wedding right now, this waffle truck would definitely be making a late night appearance.  Maybe it will need to be at Liam's 2nd birthday party (never too early to start thinking about these things)!  And of course our waffle feast was not complete without mimosas & bloody mary's!

I stayed home with Liam while he took morning nap, and the others went to Epic Brewery for a little beer tasting (Conor's favorite local beer stop and he loves their little sandwich/food counter).  Beer is not my thing, so I didn't mind missing out on that little adventure.  I may have snuck in a little nap myself!  The weather was gorgeous, with temps in the 60s (crazy for November) so we spent the afternoon at the park!  Liam loves playgrounds and is now big enough to climb the stairs and go down a slide all by himself.  I cannot believe my baby can do all that!  My baby!

After the park, the boys threw around a football in our front yard while we waited to watch the Husky game that night.  It's so nice to have other Husky fans around; I absolutely have not jumped on the Utah bandwagon; and never will! Go Dawgs!  If you are a bit puzzled by the wardrobe choices in the picture below, note that we deemed this day: Plaidurday...  I'm not sure why exactly we are all wearing plaid, but I would blame it on the morning cocktails and the first two that kicked off the trend!  :-)

Sunday was another beautiful day, so we took a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird resort!  The snow has been starting to accumulate in the mountains, but not enough for the lifts to be open yet.  We took the Tram all the way to top which is at 11,000 feet!  Liam loved the ride up and kept telling us about the "snow!"  I wish I would have thought to dress Liam so he could roll around in it, but I, of course, was not thinking that far ahead.  He will just have to wait until the next snowfall at our house, which will hopefully be soon!  I love seeing everything covered in white!

The weekend flew by much too quickly!  I always feel like the day company leaves is a rough day for Liam.  He loves having new people to read books with him and chase him around.  There is always so much excitement when we have visitors, and then *poof* they are gone all of sudden and it's back to just he & I during the day.  We filled the void by spending most of Monday with his best friend Max.  Liam has quite the social calendar these days! :-)

Thanks for the visit Curt & Michelle!
We loved having you and will have to get to San Francisco to see you again soon!

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