Monday, December 23, 2013

17 Months Old

Stats: Height: 33 1/2 inches.  Weight: 23.13 pounds.

Favorite Foods:   No huge developments in the food department.  He has eaten mac & cheese a couple times and seems to like it, so I need to find a healthy & quick version to make for him.  Cheese really seems to be his thing these days... cottage cheese, string cheese, goat cheese, etc.  He gets particularly excited about Boursin on rice crackers (one of mama's favorite snacks too)!  And for a little treat every once awhile we buy Teensy Fruits; he goes crazy for these things and will be on his best behavior as he slowly picks them out of the package one by one!

Breastfeeding:  Nursing a toddler has been quite the experience!  I love how it calms him down and gives us a few quiet moments throughout the day.  Some days he only nurses twice (nap time and once before dinner) and other days, that seem to be rough for the little guy, he nurses frequently.  Liam hasn't been sick at all this winter, which I attribute to him still being breastfed as well; there are just so many benefits!  He's still nursing throughout the night, but hopefully this will start to slow down as well!  

New Words:  We have a little chatter box on our hands!  There are far too many new words to list!  It has been so fun watching him figure out how to communicate with us and to see just how quickly he can learn a new word.  Hearing his sweet voice just melts my heart.  I cannot wait 'til the day that he says "I love you!"; that will be a big moment for me!

Sleep:  He is only sneaking in a 2nd nap if we're in the car late in the day, otherwise he's down to 1 nap and that usually happens about 2 hours after he wakes up for the day.  Still sleeping from 8:30am-8:30pm and waking up about every 3 hours (this is an improvement from every 2)!  I think he may have slept for 7 hours straight one night, or I just slept through him waking up and nursing.  Either way, I was excited!  Liam's is still in our bed, and we are perfectly fine with that. :-)

Favorite Interests:  His interests are really starting to show.  This month brought an obsession with cars & trucks!  He loves to walk around our neighborhood and point out every single vehicle we pass, and pretty much does the same thing in parking lots.  He also just discovered puzzles, which quickly became a favorite activity.  He will sit quietly at his table taking the pieces all out and then putting them back in; it's one of the few times he is still.  He looks like such a big boy that I just can't handle it!  As usual, books are his number one, absolute favorite, I could do this all day activity.  We now keep a book or two in the car for him to look at while we're driving.  We've been reading The Goodnight Train on repeat lately.  He loves all the fun things in the pictures, and Mama has fun reading all the rhymes, winner winner!

Our love for sweet baby Liam grows with every day!  He is constantly changing & surprising us, and boy are they the best surprises!  His smile & laugh are contagious, and his hugs & kisses are so tender they just warm your heart.  He has his moments where his frustration shows, but he is quickly back to a happy boy.  Liam is such a smart & handsome boy, but as his Mama I may be a bit biased.  

And I wasn't going to say anything, but... I'm going to have a one AND a half year old next month!  What?! That's not possible!  I love watching him grow, but mourn the days of his babyhood slowly disappearing.  I'll try to live in the moments, but it is hard!  Can't wait for all of the fun that is surely ahead of us, and the coming new year!



  1. Liam is so cute and handsome! I love how he's standing at the growth chart! It's nice to hear someone else who has their baby co sleep with them and not sleeping through the night... I thought I was the only one! Noah starts off in his crib but usually ends up with us around midnight and wakes up one more time before waking up for good around 7:30.

  2. Such a cute little guy and I absolutely love his sweater! Too bad my toddler (he's 3) isn't a big fan of sweaters though, as we need to talk him into wear them!

    Happy to be a new follower!


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