Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

It's officially 12 days 'til Christmas, and I am loving every bit of this holiday season!  Tonight I am hosting my book club (which will of course include festive drinks & dessert).  Then Saturday & Sunday will be spent making "neighbor treats."  Yeah, my neighborhood is that cool!  We've already had a mini bundt cake left at our doorstep; I can't wait to see what our little delights are headed our way!  Come Monday, it's the hubby's work Christmas dinner which MAY be the 1st time we leave Liam with someone other than my mom.  A night out.... in heels...without nursing friendly attire...or a baby trying to crawl into my lap!  Hopefully it will all work out.  Here's my weekly Five (thanks to all the lovely hosts: Christina, Darci, April, & Natasha)!


While at Whole Foods this week, I discovered the most amazing Peppermint Cream cupcakes from Rubicon Bakery.  I love buying festive treats this time of year, especially to surprise Conor with.  To say he loves all things peppermint is an understatement, so these made for one happy husband.  Cupcakes for the win!  If you live close to a Whole Foods, go snatch these up before everyone else does!

Another festive treat I've devoured this week are the holiday bars from Theo's Chocolate (a local Seattle company).  We had a friend visiting from out of town, and she brought Washington wine & chocolate as a hostess gift.  Any guest who brings wine & chocolate can stay as long as they like (take note future guests)!  Back to the chocolate...  how do you say no to coconut mint or peppermint stick?  You don't!  If you're a Seattle local I recommend taking their factory tour and sampling all their chocolates.  But even if you live far away, some specialty stores (like Whole Foods) carry their chocolate.

With mason jars being all the rage right now (I know I'm obsessed), I was excited to find this cocktail shaker!  This is adorable and a necessity for all summer cocktail shaking.  I fear that my kitchen is being taken over by specialty glassware, but this needs to get on my bar right away!

We had a big moment in the Keenan house last night....  Liam was showing signs that he was definitely tired, but it was a bit early to put him in the tub.  He kept trying to get me to go upstairs with him, so I figured we could spend some time in his playroom before we got him ready for bed.   When we got upstairs he went right to his bedroom, started trying to take his clothes off, and told me "bath".  Whoa!  Did he just tell me that's it's time to get ready for bed?!  It was pretty amazing.  My little boy is growing up, and much too fast for my liking!

Another Liam moment that put a smile on face this week happened while we were reading Pooh Loves, a Classic Pooh book.  I'm all about classic pooh (my teddy bear growing up was classic pooh); he is so much better than that Winnie-the-Pooh bear.  I love how beautiful the illustrations for Classic Pooh are, but they are a bit different and really throw Liam off.  He insists that Piglet is a mouse, even though I always tell him otherwise.  So for now, Piglet is a mouse and he says "squeak squeak squeak"!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!  Only two more shopping weekends left!


  1. Visiting from the linkup today! That mason jar shaker is precious! I must get my hands on one...for real. ;) Also, Liam is just precious! Hope you have a great time at your book club and an even better time on your 'night out' next week!

  2. That mason jar shaker is adorable! Sean informed me that he'd like me to get rid of our glasses and just by mason jars to drink out of. HA! OK, just twist my arm. ;)

    I'm definitely going to have to look into that Pooh book. My mom and I are obsessed with Pooh! So sweet!

  3. Love that mason jar shaker, I also have a major obsession with mason jars!!!! Happy weekend! XO

  4. Cute blog!! I love the mason jar cocktail shaker...a must have for the summer! Happy Friday :)

  5. New follower here! The mason jars are a must! Your little one is too cute! We have a 12 month old little girl!


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