Monday, December 2, 2013

My Favorite Things: Months 15 & 16

Here is my usual round-up of the things Liam is loving right now!  He is getting more interactive & hands on.  We are go, go, go all the time, so I'm trying to slow him down a bit with more actual activities instead of just general playtime.  This list would also serve as a wonderful gift guide if any of you are shopping for a little guy or gal (these are all gender neutral) around Liam's age... 'Tis the Season!
1.  Melissa & Doug Triangle Crayons:  These are perfect for Liam's little ginormous hands to easily grab.  They take a little bit of pressure to leave good marks, but L quickly figured it out.  He also loves the case the crayons come in!  He frequently spends time just organizing his crayons after he's finished coloring.  We've had these for a couple months now and only 1 crayon is broken (when it fell off the table); I consider that a huge plus!
2.  Crayola Washable Paint:  This is the paint we used when we painted pumpkins!  Liam was covered in paint by the end of our activity, but it all washed out.  Painting is a very messy activity for him!  Now that the colder weather has hit and we can't paint outside, we will be using our paints in an empty bathtub.  This way he can paint like crazy, and it will just wash away when we are finished!
3.  California Baby Bubble Bath:  We rarely use soap during bath time, since babies really don't need it.  But when we do, we typically use Dr. Bronner's baby mild soap.  However, some days just call for a bubble bath!  I'm very particular about what I use on Liam's skin, so I did some research and decided on this one.  I love how calming & soothing it is... Well, as calming & soothing as a bubble bath can be, which is usually crazy time (giggles & laughter included)!  I get particularly excited about the bubble wand that it comes with, so I can be blowing bubbles on Liam's sweet little cheeks during our bath!
4.  IKEA Train Set:  As you know, I am all about wooden toys (can't believe there is only 1 on this list!), so I was pleasantly surprised to see that IKEA carries a fair amount of wood items for the little ones.  Recently Liam became super interested in cars, airplanes, & trains, so this has been a huge hit!  He is usually patient enough to let me build the track (and even hands me the pieces) and then drives the train cars all over the place. He's also been known to just run around the house with the train cars in hand!  We're working on his "choo chop" at the moment!  
5.  Adirondack Chair:  We bought this (from Lowe's) towards the end of summer and have kept it on our porch next to big Adirondack chairs.  Little L loves having his own special place to sit, and this chair is the perfect size.  We aren't spending as much time outside these days, so the chair might be making its way up to the playroom for the winter.  
6.  Shovel:  This is our most recent purchase and it has been worth every penny (I actually bought it from Buy Buy Baby for $5)!  I had been looking for a kid sized broom for awhile, and then I spotted this gem...  It hasn't snowed here yet, but I just know that Liam will love "helping" Dad shovel the snow off the driveway & porch!  While we wait for snow (which is supposed to come tonight, eek!), he is practicing using all over the house!
I hope this list helps some of you mommies looking for ideas for your little ones.  And for the moms of older babes, I need recommendations for the next couple of months.  Especially with Christmas right around the corner...


  1. I love the Melissa & Doug Triangle crayons, they were so easy for my kids to handle, especially with their small hands. And that I didn't have to worry about ripping off any paper as they wore the crayons down was great.

  2. Those must be some of my favorite things as well, I think the only thing I don't have is the bubble bath.

  3. Abby and I love all of this! How big is that California Baby bubble bath? I usually buy her Burts Bees but it is SO SMALL and doesn't last for too long.. I also bought Abby that train set for Christmas! Girls can like trains too!! haha

    1. The bubble bath is 13 oz, so pretty big. It's very bubbly so you don't need to use much.

    2. Interesting... I think I need to buy abby some!


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