Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Day!

Liam & I woke up to kisses from Daddy this morning, telling us that there were a couple inches of freshly fallen snow just waiting for us!  Conor worked from home for awhile & waited for us to wake up so that we could take Liam out to play in the snow for the 1st time together!  Gosh, I just love him!  

While Liam saw plenty of snow last Winter, he wasn't mobile yet, so we never had an opportunity for that real playing in the snow experience!  I was straight up giddy as I ran all over our house trying to find my snow pants (I was most definitely going to be playing in the snow too)!  It was quite the effort to get us both dressed and the out the door, but so worth it to see him all bundled up! 

He loved every single minute we were outside (except maybe a few seconds where he got snow all over his hands, brr)!  He couldn't stop talking about the snow, the trees, & the lights on the houses in our neighborhood.  Our little boy has quickly developed quite the Christmas vocabulary; he also knows that Santa (and snowmen & elves apparently) say "ho, ho, ho!"

After our snow adventure, we headed back inside to warm up by the fire.  I so wish Liam was old enough to enjoy a festive hot chocolate with me, but I think he was just as happy to be cuddled up in my arms with some nursies (or "nini" as he is calling it these days)!  

Since it continued to snow all day, the roads were a little bit sketchy.  Liam & I took this opportunity to stay home in our long underwear all day!  It was one of those perfect days that don't seen to come along often enough.  With the house all decorated, I loved staying in & being cozy.  Although we did venture outside once more in the afternoon, because Liam couldn't stop talking about the snow.  We walked all over the neighborhood until our cheeks & noses were as red as Rudolph's!  I have such a weak spot for pink noses!

I know that some day I may dread getting the kids dressed in snow suits to just go out and play for a short amount of time.  Or that I may view it as a hassle or exhausting.  But hopefully I can remember the joy that this day brought!  And all the excitement that surrounds the first day of running outside in the snow.  These are the moments I live for and will remember.  Not the tantrums, or the dishes in the sink that are stacked way too high.  But I will remember his sweet face with the wild smile and cold cheeks!

December 3rd 2013, you were a great day!


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