Monday, December 16, 2013

The Halls Have Been Decked

We may have decorated our house the day after Thanksgiving, but I am just now getting around to sharing all our festive decor.  Some people think we are crazy for decorating as we spend Christmas with our families in Montana and Washington. But I can't imagine not having our halls decked for those few weeks leading up until the big day!  Plus, with a timer hooked up to our outside lights, our neighbors get to enjoy the exterior illumination during the whole holiday season!

I won't bore you all with a photo of every single one of my favorite festive items located throughout our house; but instead, I will just give you a glimpse of our holly jolly home!  Liam was such a great helper when it came to Christmas lights!  He loved handing Conor the bulbs and managed to not break a single one!  We can't say the same thing for his mama...!  She had a little mishap with one string during a handoff to our resident Clark Griswold...  We decided to use the big, classic C9 white lights for our exterior.  I just love the traditional look of it.  As much as I am all about saving energy, I have not really liked any of the LED lights I have seen and therefore will not be making the switch at least for the near future.  We planned on finishing the one remaining unlit peak, but with all the snow & ice on the roof currently, Conor has appropriately decided that it will have to wait.

I love using fresh wreaths & garland whenever possible, so the two outdoor wreaths (on our upstairs window & front door) are real, as well as the garlands on the porch.  Home depot had 15 foot garland for $5 on Black Friday, note to self for next year! It's hard to see in this picture, but this Pottery Barn wreath hanger is engraved with our last name, so simple yet it adds that extra bit of extra special.  I'm pretty sure I registered for this when Conor & I got married.  A wonderful gift for newlyweds in my opinion!

I didn't have the opportunity to have an elaborate mantle due to the ginormous TV above it!  It's really cramping my style for the holidays...  This was the first year we put real garland inside the house...  It took a little convincing from Conor, but now I actually love it!  It just has a different look to it.  A bit more rustic than catalog (for lack of a better word), but having the real deal is so worth it!  The stocking were made by me and from the exact same pattern that my mom used to make all of our stockings growing up.  I love how big they are (perfect for fitting the many stocking stuffers that Santa is surely planning too bring us)!

Details on our crazy tree can be found here if you missed it!  I really need to find a tree skirt & tree topper, but I am being much too picky at the moment and just can't find one that a really love.  While I don't like staring at the tree stand, the presents that have started to appear since taking this picture are hiding it pretty well.

I love the neutral decor that I have recently added to my collection.  I used to be all about red & white, but it's nice to tone it down in some areas.  May Your Days Be Merry & Bright is one of my favorite sayings for the season, and I just love that song!  The color of this sign matches my nativity scene perfectly!  And speaking of nativity scenes, this one (Pottery Barn, no longer available) is just beautiful.  I spent a good couple years looking for nativities, but they always looked so cheesy and cheap to me.  This one is simple and understated which exactly what I wanted.  Now I need to find a fun wooden one for Liam to play with.  I'm keeping my eye out; hopefully, next year I will find one.

I had to add a little pop of Christmas to the coffee bar as well.  The Baby, It's Cold Outside printable can be found here.  And the Winterberry wine glasses can be found here.  I get so excited to bust out my festive glassware the second that Thanksgiving dinner is over!  

For the banister garlands, I decided to use fake pre-lit ones so that I don't have to buy new every year.  I found some really natural looking ones at Costco.  Plus, they will hold up better with little hands always grabbing at them.  I love how this turned out; I instantly get a huge smile on my face every time I walk upstairs.  I had a real hard time deciding whether or not to have the wreath face outside or inside; eventually, I decided that I would enjoy seeing it more than the neighbors, so inward facing it is!  This is the entry way to our house; it's the first glimpse of Christmas you get on your way in!  Anyone notice our little elf hiding...?

I, of course,  had to add a little flair to Liam's playroom, since we spend so much of our day up there.  This Pottery Barn Kids banner can be found here.  I really wanted to purchase some Christmas bedding for Liam, but let's be honest.... he doesn't sleep in his crib!  Conor convinced me that would just be ridiculous.  So maybe, just maybe, he'll be soundly sleeping in his own room next Christmas and I can go to town decorating his little space!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into our festive home.  Having fresh things in the home during the Winter months can make the cold, cloudy days seem a lot less dreary.  I always purchase poinsettia's to put around the house as well as some fresh tree trimmings (this year we had plenty from our Christmas tree)!  I only get to enjoy our cozy home for 1 more day before I fly up north for the next 3 weeks.  The holidays are about to get very busy; bring on the hustle & bustle!


  1. Your decor looks beautiful! I loved decorating Josephine's room. I wanted to get her Christmas bedding, too, but my hubby had the same reaction as yours! Safe travels up north. I am looking forward to some Liam filled Christmas posts in the coming weeks:)

    1. Thank you! I will be sad when I have to take everything down... I live for this time of year!

  2. You guys gave us our personalized wreath holder from PB for our wedding and I love it! From a girl who loves holiday decorating as much as I do, it was the perfect gift! Safe travels!

    1. Oh yes, I remember that! Love all of PB's Christmas stuff! Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. We don't spend Christmas at home either, but it just wouldn't be the same without all of the decorations!

  4. Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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