Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Tree

We have been having so much holiday fun lately that I haven't had a chance to share our Christmas tree experience!  And it was just that... an experience!  We've been cutting down our own tree since we were first married, so this wasn't our first go-around.  One could say that we are now borderline veterans at this whole tree thing. We scour the land to find the tree that is just perfect for our space!

The day after Thanksgiving, we were on our merry way to Beck's Tree Farm about 30 minutes South. With Christmas music blaring & a concealed hard cider in hand (I was not driving mind you), I was ready to find  The One!  We had never been to this particular tree farm before since this is our first Christmas in Utah.  And i have to say that the farm was a bit disappointing compared to some of those that we have been to before.  No tractor ride or reindeer, and the trees were mostly blue spruce (I'm more of a Douglas Fir girl).  And these trees were not trimmed like we have found at most real good tree farms.  They were a bit more rugged (and somewhat sparse) trees just looking for a good home.  We were looking for a 10+ footer that was pretty full.  We walked all over that place examining just about every tree 'til we settled on one.  I didn't have this magical "this is it" moment, but we felt pretty good about it being the best option.

After we threw it on top of the car, we had a slight inclination that it may be just a tad bigger than we had initially thought!  Christmas tree selection is tricky, because they look much smaller in a big field than they do in your house or on your car... ("It's not going in our yard Russ").  Then, getting it in the house (after conor had to chop down the trunk to fit in our stand...) was a big issue; our tree was twice as wide as the doorway.  Conor somehow managed to maneuver it through, and then POOF! we literally had a Christmas Vacation moment just like when Clark cuts the twine off their tree!  This thing was massive.  Take up our entire family room massive.  Move the coffee table downstairs, lose the ottoman, and reposition the couch massive... 
We laughed so hard I was almost crying!  "Honey, do you think there is enough room for the angel?" It was slightly frustrating, but it is all about the experience. I am sure that this is one of those years that we will always look back and remember the adventure fondly.  Conor cut about a foot off the top, after taking some height off the trunk earlier, and then did some serious pruning with a pair of garden sheers.  Their were trimmings everywhere!  

Luckily, my husband is somehow incredibly/randomly talented at Christmas tree shaping, and I love how it turned out!  I still need something for the top (I've been searching for a few years now) & a new tree skirt.  Liam closely examined each ornament as I placed it on the tree.  He loves it & has, for the most part, kept his hands off it.  We occasionally plays with the ornaments at his level, but they are all safe for him to touch anyways.  Each morning when he wakes up, he tells me "tree...lights...on"!  We have to have the tree lit up at all times while we are home and he usually wants the fireplace on as well.  I can already see his little Christmas spirit blossoming!

One tradition my grandma started was to give each of her grandchildren an ornament every year.  I always looked forward to the surprise of what it would be and loved growing my own little collection.  My mom has carried that tradition on!  This year she gave Liam an owl ornament since he was an owl for Halloween!  We also may have a slight obsession with owls at the moment.  Liam loves to point out his ornament and say "hoo hoo" in just the softest, sweetest voice!

I'll be sharing the rest of our house all decorated for Christmas soon!  It was fun mapping out how to decorate our new house (1st Christmas season here) and I think we just nailed it!


  1. Such a fun story and memories! The tree looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It took a lot of work, but I'm so pleased with it now!

  2. Your husband definitely fixed that tree up right! It looks beautiful all decorated!

  3. Isn't searching for the perfect tree so fun?! I loved that you had hard cider on hand : ) LOVE IT! xo

  4. Hard cider is a must for all festive activities!


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