Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Vacation 2013: Montana

Still recapping Christmas over here people; don't mind the fact that it's January 8th.
This was our year to spend Christmas Day in Montana (we trade off each year with our families), so on the morning of the 21st we packed up all our things with Christmas presents in tow and "headed out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh!"  Fun fact: the Simpson family did have a station wagon for a number of years that we lovingly called "the grocery getter".  Unfortunately, she took her last ride many many years ago and was not our vehicle of choice for the drive to Montana.  It's about a four hour drive from Spokane to Bigfork, and if you wondering how Liam does in the car that long, the answer is Teensy Fruits.  He naps for half the time and spends the rest of the drive stuffing his face with Teensy Fruit; they have become our secret weapon.  Here's a look at all the shenanigans that went down in Montana:
We ate dinner at the Keenan Family Restaurant, the Bigfork Inn, almost every night.  
I finished off each meal with a slice of candy cane mudpie.  Oh, the mudpie!

Liam spent plenty of time in BK's (Grandpa's) arms 
"helping" get through the dinner rush.
The entire Keenan family was in town for Christmas, so the talented Lindsey Jane Photography captured this special occasion.  She was so sweet and more than patient with this big, active family!  You can see more of our photos on her blog here.
Christmas Eve at the Bigfork Inn.

 Christmas Day was spent with family, and Liam loved every second he got to spend with 
his cousins, aunt & uncles, and grandparents!  And great grandparent!

Being back in the Northwest and spending so much time with family makes me miss it so much.  While it was so sad to say goodbye to Conor's family, we are hoping they will be making a visit to Utah to see us later this month!


  1. Beautiful little vacation! I've always wanted to visit Montana!

    1. Oh you should! It is so beautiful there. I absolutely love visiting, but I could never live there. If you ever make it down there you have to go to Glacier National Park, it is a must see!


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