Thursday, January 23, 2014

IKEA Latt Table Hack

I have been meaning to share our IKEA Latt Table hack for awhile now.  We bought this for Liam when he was around 11 months old, and it has grown with him perfectly.  I noticed that so many of my blog friends purchased this table for Christmas, so hopefully this will provide a little inspiration!  However, first a word of advice: do not sit on these chairs while playing with your little one!  Do. Not. Sit.  I'm weighing in at less than 120 lbs these days, and my bony little butt started to crack the seat!  It took a few months of use before this happened, but I would just avoid sitting on them at all!

Moving on.  Liam's playroom has been a work in progress since we moved into our house, but I always knew that I would be decorating it with red accents.  I wanted to keep the table simple & gender neutral but add a pop of color, so we decided to paint only the chairs red.  The table is white to match trim, and the table top is chalkboard.  We stenciled in the letter K (for Keenan obviously) instead of an L in hopes that this table will last for more than one child.  That is yet to be determined.... if the table will last that is.  We are most definitely having more kids!!!!

While the table is an absolute steal at only $20, the price really climbs when you start buying supplies to make it your own.  So keep this in mind; especially if you've been eyeing a play table around the $50 or $60 range, since that is about what we ended up spending on the table.  We decided to use spray paint, which if I had to do it over, I would use real paint.  We had to use two cans of each color on this little table, which seemed a little ridiculous.  I would at least use real chalkboard paint, because I can already tell that I will need to redo the chalkboard part frequently.  We Conor painted everything, let it dry, and then we assembled it.  I think this is the way to go!  This way your screws don't get all gunky & covered in paint!  As far as the exact colors go, we used: Krylon Banner Red,  Gloss White, & Black Chalkboard.

Liam is just starting to be interested in using chalk on his table, now that he's almost 18 months.  He mostly uses it for doing puzzles, which I find to be adorable.  I love seeing his little legs dangle from the chair as he quietly sits and works away.  I see us having snack time at this table and maybe even some arts & crafts in the future.  It is just his size and doesn't take up too much space in his playroom!  We love it!

And because I can't let a chance to show off some old photos of my itty bitty (not really) 
11 month old, here are some shots that Haley took of Liam using his table over the summer:


  1. I did one too! I kept it super simple and just stained the wood and did a chalkboard tabletop - I LOVE the K on yours though!

  2. I LOVE what you have done with the table. Had no idea you could get something like this for $20. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That table is ADORABLE! My daughter is starting to get in to coloring and I think this would be a perfect little craft table!

  4. We left our ikea table au natural but Noah also loves doing his puzzles at it! I love the red chairs!


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