Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

Congrats to Keely Henry for winning the Woolzies giveaway; I will be emailing you shortly!  
I hope you love them as much as we do!

There was nothing on our "to-do" list this weekend, so it was all about relaxing and enjoying time together.  While I love being productive and checking things off any and all of my lists, it was wonderful to have no plans.  Friday night my book club got together, which is something I look forward to literally all month!  I treasure time spent among other women/moms without constantly being interrupted or tugged at by the little ones.  We tossed back lemon drops & some lemon meringue pie and toasted to our kid-free night!

Saturday morning I snuck out of the house for a pedicure, which was much needed.  I treat myself to this once a month and highly recommend all you mamas do the same.  That one hour of being pampered is so refreshing; good for my toesies (yep, I just said that) & my mind!  When else I am going to have the opportunity to catch up on my People magazine?!

Then the afternoon was all about Liam!  We try to do one thing a weekend that is solely focused towards him and something he would enjoy.  This weekend we finally checked out the children's museum downtown.  The place is huge and completely interactive!  Liam was busy running around and checking out all the other kids.  He was so enthralled with all the new things in every direction that Conor & I sat back most of the time and watched our little boy discover the world around him.  Our favorite part aside from the sweet smiles he flashed us as we caught his eye while playing was the "copter" on the roof!  This boy is all about different planes, trains, and automobiles right now!  Liam wanted to stay in there forever, but it was a bit chilly out!  We all loved it and will be back soon, probably on a weekly basis now that we are members!

Sunday morning we all slept in!  I may have a terrible sleeper, but at least I was blessed with a boy who can appreciate staying in bed til 9 or 10!  He used to jump right out of bed and want to instantly play, but lately he has been cuddling more and slowly greeting the day.  Again, I am thankful!  Mama needs coffee before she can perfect her car & truck sounds!

The afternoon & evening were spent with a group of our neighbors watching the Seahawks game!  Hello Superbowl!  Liam is obsessed with his jersey and gets so excited to put it on, especially when Conor is wearing his!  He also says "Seahawks" and "football" very clearly; we couldn't be more proud parents! ;-)  Next we'll be working on "beast mode"!

To finish out our weekend, Conor & I snuggled up on the couch and started Season 1 of Breaking Bad!  We are a bit behind the times, but excited nonetheless.  Getting to bed at a decent hour may be difficult over the next couple weeks...  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and the 'Hawks win just as much as we did!


  1. Breaking Bad is on our list too! My husband and I just started watching Sons of Anarchy and are OBSESSED! Like stay-up-til-2am obsessed. So good. :)

    1. It's dangerous business starting a new series with multie seasons! We are trying to get in bed at a normal hour, but it's tough!

  2. Congrats on your Seahawks! Noah will sometimes sleep til 8 during the week and I thought that was great, but 9 or 10 sounds amazing! However on the weekends when my husband gets up and plays with him he's up before 7!

  3. Thank you so much! Look forward to trying them out!!! Looks like ya'll had a awesome weekend!

  4. You will not regret starting Breaking Bad! It is the most well written show I have ever watched. So sad it's over!!! :(

    1. We are only two episodes deep and we love it! Hopefully as this Breaking Bad watching will not cut into my precious blogging minutes in the evenings! :-)

  5. You will LOVE Breaking good!

    Y'all look so cute in your matching jerseys!


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