Sunday, February 23, 2014

19 Months Old

This last month Liam has changed so much; a huge mental leap for sure!  His little mind is constantly processing new things.  Conor & I have been amazed at how quickly he is picking things up and how much more he is capable of understanding.  We love watching him develop and are so proud of every little thing he does!  It's his monthly update, so I get to brag away!

Favorite Foods:  This kid is still not interested in food; it literally blows my mind!  He has cut way back on nursing, but isn't eating any more real foods than before.  It worries me a bit, but I suppose he will eat when he's hungry!  This month he kissed his beloved yogurt & cottage cheese good bye, and instead he prefers Annie's Mac & Cheese ("bunny pasta").  If he helps me cook, he is much more willing to try foods.  Somehow it magically tastes better coming straight out of the pot!  So I'm making a lot of mac 'n cheese these days, which means I'm eating a lot of it too!  He's also scarfing down Annie's bunny crackers.  All day long he tells me "bunnies...hop...cup", so we refill his cup by having the bunnies hop into it!

Breastfeeding:  I have officially stopped offering to nurse, unless Liam gets himself hurt.  He has done well with this and is nursing much less frequently.  He typically only nurses during nap time & bedtime (and throughout the night) and maybe one other time during the day.  I still don't think either of us are ready for him to wean, but it feels good to be slowly starting that process.  Especially as we begin to start thinking about baby #2.

New Words:  Liam's vocabulary is growing & growing!  He is frequently using 2 or 3 words together and practically narrates his entire day!  He still loves reading books, but now he will spend more time on each page and tell me everything he can identify in each picture.  Sometimes we only have to say a word once and he will have remembered it & mastered it by the next day.  His "k" sound is currently missing right now so bike is "bite".  He also uses a "f" instead of a "w" so wrench is "french". He is starting to pronounce the "S" sound a bit better though. It's so fun figuring out his speech and little language!

Sleep:  No significant changes to report, unfortunately.  We've been using a sound machine for a couple of weeks now, and while it hasn't really improved our sleep situation, I'm still hopeful!  We have it cranked up pretty loud, so Conor has been sleeping through many of Liam's night wakings.  A big win for him!  For an adorable update, Liam has finally started to become attached to a stuffed animal.  He loves snuggling up with "bay bear" (baby bear AKA my classic pooh bear from childhood) and insists upon having him in bed for naps & nighttime.  Every once in awhile he comes in the car when we're running errands too!  Precious, just precious.  We also converted Liam's crib to a toddler bed, which he is very excited about!  He loves to be tucked in and to pretend to go "night night."  If Once Liam starts sleeping for longer stretches we will start trying to put him in his own bed.  

Favorite Interests:  Everything Conor or I do, Liam is right there with us!  Laundry, cooking, dishes....he loves being helpful!  He is still obsessed with cars and is always pointing them out while we are driving, or in a parking lot, or in books.  He knows the difference between a car, jeep, bus, truck, & tractor.  The only thing he loves more than cars: books with cars in them!  We spent much our day reading "Go, Dog, Go" & "Make Way for Ducklings".  Coloring is a new activity that loves to do throughout the day.  However, someone must be coloring with him!  He will shove a crayon in your hand until you join in!

This month, Liam has learned how to clean-up, which fills my heart with glee.  Sometimes he likes to make a mess just to "nee nup"!  I love how organized he is, knowing where most of his toys & books belong. He's slowly learning his colors, so he tries to identify everything & anything all day long.  Blue is his most successfully identified color, followed closely by green.  He constantly wants to play, especially with all his neighborhood friends!  They are so many girls around, and he is smitten with each one!  He has one particular favorite: a 7 year old blond named Ava whom Liam just swoons after.  We have been spending much more time outside, where I get to relax on the porch and watch Liam chase after all the girls.  He's also discovered pockets...makes him such a cool dude!

We have settled into a nice groove as a family and are quite enjoying our ever growing boy.  The toddler stage is exhausting but so much fun!  We love every crazy minute.  I look forward to all the challenges and developments that this next month will bring!     


  1. Oh I love how little kids sound when they first start talking! I'm so excited for this with Noah too!

  2. Such a handsome little man! And the fact that he's an organizer and likes to clean up just melted my heart. So cute! xo

  3. Oh how adorable. Love his blond locks. I know you just have to love this phase where he is talking up a storm and learning all kinds of new words! :)

  4. Aww he is super cute wrapped up in his towel! Having the bunnies hop into his cup is likewise super cute. Happy 19, Liam!

  5. Oh my gosh he is SO CUTE! I love these monthly updates! I thought I would stop doing Mia's at the year mark but the milestones they hit between 1-2 are even more amazing! It's so awesome watching our kids grow... but totally unfair over how quickly the time flies by, ha ha!
    Mia only nurses right before bed (through the night if she has a rough night) and when she wakes in the morning. Not going to lie, it's SO nice not having to worry about nursing through the day! Eric and I have been able to enjoy a couple of day dates and it's SO nice to not have to worry about rushing home to nurse!
    I'm kind of excited for Mia to start talking more. It will be fun to see what crazy things come out of her mouth :)

  6. I'm loving that USA flag hoodie! Where did you find it?

    1. It's from GAP, and I bought it just before Memorial Day last year! I'm hoping they come out with some more american flag apparel this summer because this hoodie is one of our favorites!

  7. Visiting from the link up. I just posted my daughters 21 month update. Sound like they are up to the same things:) looking forward to reading more on your blog. :)


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