Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday: Best Of

It's Friday (book club Friday to be exact), and Conor is coming home from work early today!  I can already feel that glass of wine hitting my lips while I enjoy a few hours with some of my favorite women and no kids!  After seeing a few bloggers post their 5 most viewed posts, I am following suit today.  My blog has grown drastically since I first began, so enjoy this look at The Best Of Tiny Toes, Little Nose.  As always, thanks to all the lovely hosts: Christina, Darci, April, & Natasha!


Liam's Birth Story.  I love that is the most viewed post of mine!  I was so upset & disappointed with Liam's birth for a long time; I waited almost six months before sharing my story.  Now I feel much better about it, and I can look back at the beautiful event that it was!  Grab your coffee this post is a long one!  

28 Week Bumpdate.  While the post is a random bumpdate, this picture spread like wildfire on Pinterest!  There's also a few hilarious stories about the raging hormones of a pregnant, so that's fun too!

Sneak Peak: 1 Year Photos.  This post is popular because of the breastfeeding image.  I hope (truly hope) that people have viewed it as something beautiful and have been inspired by it.  I have always been very open about breastfeeding in general, as well as my choice to continue breastfeeding past that first year.  If you are wondering why you never saw a full post of our 1 year photoshoot, it's because our photographer (Haley Sierra) is hoping to have them published.  Even though I never did a full post, they have been scattered all over the blog.

Cloth Diapers.  I'm also excited about this post being in the top 5!  I love converting people to cloth, and I could honestly talk about it for hours... and I have!  Hopefully this post helped convert a mama or two!  You can also read an updated post here.  

Nursery #1.  I spent countless hours dreaming up this little space for Liam!  We found out we were pregnant just days after putting in an offer on our Seattle house, so I had begun to picture his nursery for that day on.  I loved how it turned out and was excited to watch him grow up in that room...  Well, we moved to Salt Lake City when he was only 5 months old, so that didn't happen!  While I loved his first nursery, I am actually happier with his nursery here in SLC.  It so simple & cozy; you can see his new space here.  

Hope you enjoyed that little visit down memory lane!  
Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  1. Love this! What a great idea for a post! You're gorgeous, girl! Thank you so much for sharing and Happy Friday! xo

  2. Way to go with the breastfeeding photo. SO beautiful and natural- just as breastfeeding is! I am a new follower and found you through the link up! Can't wait to read more!

  3. I love this! So fun to look back at old posts.


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