Sunday, February 2, 2014


A big happy birthday to my wonderful husband Conor!  He is celebrating the big 28 today (I know, I am a cradle just a few months)!  He is such a giving & loving husband; Liam & I are ridiculously lucky to have him.  Really, I'm just lucky to have snatched this guy up at the young age of 18, because surely some other little college girl would have taken him in a heartbeat!  So cheers to whatever University of Washington employee placed me in temporary housing right on a guys honors (such a nerd) floor!  Helped me set up my computer and has been making me smile ever since!  ;-)

We'll be celebrating today with mimosas and/or blood mary's this morning, 
followed by a Super Bowl Party tonight!  Go Seahawks!  
Happy Super Bowl Sunday friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Conor! These are all amazing pictures! Enjoy your day as a family!

  2. You posted this at 4 in the morning? Love you, Dad

  3. Happy Birthday Conor! Sweet meeting story =) And, laughing at your dad's comment...

  4. Aww cute!! I love that you guys met so young! :) lol at your Dad too :) Happy birthday to your hubby!


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