Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surviving the Long Days

Some days are long.  It's 10am and nap time is already over long.  Daddy has a work dinner and won't be home before bedtime long.  And then magically you have a 1 1/2 year old,  and you think that was the fastest 18 months of your life!  Parenthood is sneaky like that!

For those extra long days, it's good to step back for a moment and remember who you are.  Because between all the smiling, crying, giggling, & whining you can most certainly lose it!  I try to remind myself of the mom that I always want to be for Liam; I try to keep empathy in mind.  That's my secret, my mama "mantra" if you will... EMPATHY.

I regularly attend Nursing & Beyond (toddler) La Leche League meetings and this seems to be a word we are always coming back to.  At these meetings, I find myself surrounded by like minded mamas with similar parenting styles, whom all help me grow as a mother to my ever changing toddler.  I love it and always leave those meetings feeling rejuvenated as a mom!  At a recent meeting, one of the mom's gave us each a list of some daily reminders to keep in mind while parenting.  Especially when parenting through the more challenging days.  

And for my breastfeeding mamas: NURSE!
I love the concept of "mothering at the breast."  

I have this piece of paper pinned to my fridge and find myself looking it over frequently.  So quickly I can get caught up in moment and lose my patience...but just as quickly I can turn things around for Liam & I.  Yesterday was one of those dreaded long days for me.  Conor had meetings run late at work, so he wasn't able to make it home before a work dinner.  Days when I am completely flying solo, with no back up are always tough for me.  The witching hour was approaching, and I didn't have an ounce of energy left.  But Liam deserves better than my less than stellar self, and I was determined to end our day on a high!

So we grabbed a silly hat and headed outside into the windy & chilly weather for some fresh air. He shoveled the sprinkling of snow we received and loved every single flake, every single second!  I relaxed and watched my little boy in awe.  He is growing up much to fast!  As he grows, I love him more & more.  He is becoming something amazing!  I know he will do great things!

During that long (longggggggg) day, came beautiful memories.  
Parenthood...sneaky I tell you, SNEAKY! 


  1. Yes I can relate to those long days but oh how quickly the years go by! That list is so good and I will be keeping it in mind. Good idea getting outside! Fresh airs does wonders for us all. Winter is so tough!

  2. Love this post, SO TRUE!!!!! Well said, mama! Glad you could find joy in your long day! :)

  3. I feel ya! I feel more and more sorry for the tired version of myself my poor husband has to see each night! I was telling him last night how emotionally draining it is all day, give give give, it's hard at the end of the day!. Love the list, especially "know your triggers."

    1. So true about only having the tired version of ourselves come the evening! I try to nap when Liam does, and on those day I am 100% better!

  4. I can relate. And then it takes that little moment and it all feel right again.

  5. I love that list, what a outstanding idea to have it where you see it all the time. Sometimes you just need a little reminder like that to refocus. Or, maybe a lot of the time. I sure do.

  6. I need to post that on my fridge! Some days, I am just *on,* you know? Nothing ruffles me. We could have a poopsplosion in my son's diaper followed by my daughter having an accident and then both start vomiting as I'm cleaning up their poo and somehow, I'm still like, "It's fine. I got this." Other days - Every. Little. Thing. pushes my buttons, and I'll find myself looking at the clock and groaning, "It's not even 8 AM, and already I am about to just lose it!!!" Those are the days I really need reminders like this - that it's sneaky, and if I get outside of myself and empathize, it's much easier to get through the rough days!

  7. What a cute little boy! It's so cool that you have such a great support team from the La Leche league. I love the list and pinned it! As a mom, we try so hard to be and do everything we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves too. Glad you were able to turn things around.


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