Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Valentine's Day 2014

While most of you were enjoying your extra long weekend today, I had the typical Monday with Conor back at work.  Apparently his company is too cool to celebrate our presidents...  How unpatriotic; shame on them!  Anyways, our weekend was wonderful & filled with plenty of love!

On Friday, I woke up to find Valentine's Day cards from both of my boys and a Washington Home T that I had been wanting!  Conor & I usually just do something small for V-day, so I bought him his 1st pair of Smart Wool as well as some Theo chocolate (salted almond for the win).  Socks might not seem all that exciting, that is, until you've slipped your footsies into some Smart Wool!  If you don't have a pair, go get some now!

Pajamas: GAP

We went small for Liam as well and skipped the typical sweets.  Instead, he was surprised with a festive pack of stickers, some colored chalk for his Ikea table, & Steam Train Dream Train.   My mom always had a card & treats waiting for us at our spot at the kitchen table on Valentine's morning, so I have continued that tradition with Liam.  Maybe by next year, he will be running to the table to see what surprises wait for him.  While I would have loved a huge heart themed breakfast, Liam could still care less about food... So I didn't waste my efforts on him, even though my little holiday lovin' heart is just bursting for this type of thing!

During the day, Liam spent plenty of time running around with his best friend Max!  I love the mornings we get together, because Liam is always exhausted come nap time and will typically sleep longer!  It was a beautiful day out, so L also had the opportunity to play with some of the neighbor girls he has his eye on...  He even received a few Valentine's!  The ladies love him!

Our dinner tradition is to go out the night before Valentine's (which we did with Liam in tow), and then to cook an extra special meal at home the night of.  We really wanted the opportunity to have a long, relaxing dinner... which doesn't coincide with a toddler's eating habits, so we postponed dinner until after Liam's bedtime.  We prepared a rack of lamb (one of my favorites) and sipped on Chambord & Champagne all night long!  Well, all night until Liam woke up.  So, really only for about two hours.  :-)

Conor was a sweetheart and let me sleep in Saturday!  Oh how glorious that extra hour of bed to myself - lay on my stomach - uninterrupted sleep is!  I could sleep all day.  Really.  I happen to just love sleep.  Which is really quite cruel considering the kind of sleeper my kid is (a non sleeper really).  I've decided that whenever Liam is officially weaned, I will be spending one entire night in our guest room.  One full night of sleep!  I dream about this day often!  Back to Saturday... I woke up to both of boys working on a special lego project.  It makes me so happy to watch Conor & Liam play together!  He is different little boy when he's with his daddy and I just love how much he tries to do everything Conor does.  I wish I could always be peeking in on them without L noticing me.  In a very non-creepy way of course.  

Since Valentine's Day is officially over, Liam is already sporting his green pajamas in preparation for St. Patrick's Day!  While Liam & I lounged in our jammies, Conor did a bit of hardware store shopping...  Apparently we have a brand new washer & dryer coming our way!  Our house has two laundry rooms, but the one in the basement is only equipped for a gas dryer (which we didn't have before).  With our new appliances, I will be able to move all our laundry to the basement and make the main floor laundry room a mudroom.  I have already been all over Pinterest finding ideas of what to do with that little space!  I'm fairly certain we'll be painting the walls, Benjamin Moore Evening Dove, but not much else is planned yet.  We used this color in our guest bathroom in our Seattle house, and we really loved it!  Might as well stay with something that you know exactly how it looks & you like!  Stay tuned.  :-)

Sunday was a cleaning day in the Keenan House.  Our cleaning lady moved away a couple weeks ago, so some of the deep cleaning had gotten away from me a little bit, oops!  Our morning of cleaning got me all revved up for some serious spring cleaning & organizing before the warm weather really hits.  Once that happens, I know we will want to be spending all our time outside and working on the yard, so I need to get all house projects done in the next couple months.  Liam was a big helper with his own broom (that never got in my way...ever) which earned him some crazy playtime outside with the neighbors.  It is so cute watching him run around with the older kids, even when he has absolutely no idea what they playing!

We ended the weekend having dinner with our friend Claire, who was in town visiting.  It's always nice having a bit of much needed adult conversation before I head into the week!  Plus, Claire always brings the most amazing cheese over which I willingly stuff my face with!  It should also be noted that Conor & I just started Season 4 of Breaking Bad.  I feel like we are binge watching at a somewhat reasonable pace of about 1-2 episodes a night.  You all should be impressed that I still find time to blog when I have all these episodes of Breaking Bad just waiting for me each night!  And that's what I'm off to do right now!  

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and enjoyed your 
day off today if you were one of the lucky ones!


  1. What a perfect weekend!!!! Love Liam in his plaid shirt, he is too handsome!!! Xo

  2. I know that dream of a full night's sleep!! I used to say one night I'm going to a hotel, just me! Even though my son sleeps in his crib upstairs, I think as a mom you will always wake to hear every sound and movement he makes. C'est la vie, I guess!

    We loved BB and I just started watching House of's really good too!

  3. Oh Laura- those pictures of your little one are killing me! What a cutie-pa-tootie! So happy you had such a lovely weekend! xo

  4. He is such a doll!! That blonde hair is just so precious! Love his little flannel shirts too!


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