Monday, March 24, 2014

20 Months Old

And we're in the twenties!  But at this point, most people would find it absolutely ridiculous to still refer to your child's age in months.  So instead, I always say that Liam is one and half.  I can hold onto that for one more month and then I suppose he will be "almost two".  Almost!  Shh...I'm not ready for that kind of talk!  Here's an update on our little boy; let the bragging begin!

Juuuust a little bit taller with his new submarine bath toy on his head...

Favorite Foods:  We are finally making some progress in the food department!  While he still eats way less than "most" toddlers, he has been willing to try many more things.  He thinks all meat is called chicken, so we're just rolling with it!  He's back to enjoying yogurt and has also liked canadian bacon, chicken, pasta, eggs, cheese, & pizza.  He's still hooked on Z bars "num nums" & fruit leather "sticky".  We can't force anything on him, but when he's interested he'll ask for a bite.  Every once in awhile, he really hates something but will never spit it out.  He just freaks out about whatever is in his mouth and we have to either wait for him to swallow it of help fish it out for him.  Fun times for all!...

Breastfeeding:  Still following "don't offer, don't refuse" tactics.  We both still very much enjoy our breastfeeding relationship and don't plan to end it anytime soon.  He's typically nursing morning, nap, & night but rarely in between anymore.  He's even cut back during the night a little bit which I am quite thankful for!  Because Liam has slowed down on his frequency of nursing, my milk supply has decreased.  L gets frustrated at nap & bedtime after he drains both sides and still wants more!  He'll jump back & forth asking for a new "side" just hoping there will magically be more milk there.  He should adjust soon.

New Words:  This is the one area that Liam is really advanced (I told you I was gonna be bragging)! He is consistently using three word sentences and even started to string together four words this past weekend.  Example: "Mommy, I need help!"  He is constantly narrating his entire day and wanting to know what everything is called.  He still uses third person a lot but is slowly getting better about using "I".  He's obsessed with Pharell's song "Happy" and is constantly asking us to play it for him.  Happy might just be the sweetest word to ever pass his lips!  While he will repeat the words "I love you", he isn't using them on his own just yet.  I absolutely cannot wait for that moment! When Conor gets home from work he meets him at the door and just can't talk fast enough, seemingly trying to tell him everything he did that day while he was waiting for his daddy to come home! It just makes Conor melt and drop everything to go find some toys to play and let Liam get him up to speed.

Sleep:  We've had some small improvements in the sleep department.  He is staying down for longer stretches (maybe 3 or 3 1/2 hours) and is comforting himself back to sleep at times.  I feel like each month I say that things are getting a little bit better, so you would think that by now those little things would have added up to at least a decent sleeper!  Well....they haven't really added up to much just yet!  I guess the optimist in me keeps thinking that he is bound to start sleeping better any day.  

Favorite Interests:  Riding on Dad's shoulders.  Having us kiss any possible big or teeny tiny owie.  Spinning in circles, then falling down..."again" & "again"!  Slides.  Wiggle cars.  A couple of our neighbors have wiggle cars, and Liam is always trying to snag one when they aren't being used.  He cruises all over and has figured out that he can get much more speed by flying down the driveway.  He does a pretty good job of following the rules and staying on the sidewalk, but he likes to wait until the very last second to veer away from the street!  Needless to say, UPS will be delivering Liam his very own wiggle car this week... He just loves zooming around on those little cars; especially when Conor rides one alongside him all the way down the street. Maybe I should be buying two wiggle cars...

Potty Training:  I am including a little info on this subject for the first time in this monthly update.  Our pediatrician told us that Liam may be good candidate for early potty training since he's so advanced (his words, not mine).  However, this little stinker absolutely hates to sit on the potty.  We have a freestanding one as well as a seat that goes on the real toilet.  I would say that he will sit on it maybe once a week (sometimes clothed, sometimes not) but he has no intentions of actually using the potty.  I can assure you of that!  He loves talking about the potty...and poop...and pee...and farts, but he's not ready for any of this training business.  This it completely fine with us, we are not pushing it by any means.  Nonetheless, potty training should be quite the adventure and we do plan to keep working on introducing him early.

Conor & I both watch Liam with utter amazement each day.  He seems like such a big kid now, especially when running around with the neighbor kids.  He wants to be included in everything!  As his language skills grow, we understand so much more of what goes on inside that little head of his.  Our relationship is only growing deeper & deeper.  I never thought it was possible to keep loving him more, but we do.  He is destined to do great things, I just know it!  :-)

Life has been much sweeter that past 20 months!
Love that boy too too much!    


  1. I think the same thing every night with Noah's sleep too! Noah gets up every 3-4 hours too! At some point it does have to get better right?!? Probably just in time for doing this all over again with a newborn. We will get sleep again right?

  2. Such a sweet little boy! What else have you tried, food wise? Some of Abbie's favorites are mandarin oranges and beans - easy to grab, and easy to eat. He may take to those!

  3. Oh, I just love these updates. Liam sounds so much like Mac. Talking up a storm! I love it. It's amazing to just watch their little brains work and make connections, isn't it? Glad to hear that things are getting better on the food and sleep front. We go through phases of sleep issues and then they just disappear again. Now I need to look into those wiggle cars!

  4. Such a sweet, big boy! He is honestly the cutest! Watching these babies grow and learn so much is amazing!

    1. Thank you! He really is one of the sweetest boys I know and is growing much too fast!


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