Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's a Gamble

Temps hit 73 degrees today with tons of sunshine, so Liam & I took our weekly trip to the zoo!  Apparently so did every other mom in the state of Utah!  Nonetheless, we had an awesome time.  The leopard & tiger were out prowling, the sea lions were putting on a show, & the carousel was in operation.  But little L was most excited about the turkeys & the llamas.  He talked and talked about those damn turkeys.  "Turkeys, feathers out."  All day long.

After said zoo trip, I strapped Liam in his car seat and headed towards my happy place, Whole Foods.  I figured I could fit in some grocery shopping & lunch before nap time...  But right when you think you have your kid figured out, they like to change it up on you!  As I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that the backseat was quiet.  A little too quiet.  Liam is usually jabbering constantly during all car rides.  I turned around to assess the situation, and he was completely knocked out!  Drool-trickling-out-of-the-corner-of-his-mouth out!  And then the snoring started...

Liam hasn't fallen asleep in the car for months, and we were still an hour away from typical nap time!   Whole foods wasn't going to be happening for me, so I drove home contemplating a big parenting decision...  It's a little something I like to call the nap time gamble.  Option A: let him sleep in the car (in the garage) but know that he probably won't last longer than 20 minutes.  Or, option B:  take him out of the car seat and ever so quietly & quickly move him to our bed.  All while hoping that the napping gods are smiling down, and he will in fact go back to sleep.  If option B is successful, I have about 2+ hours of nap time ahead of me.  BUT... if he wakes up enough during that transition, I can kiss that sweet nap time good bye!

It's a risky decision.  A big gamble.  (See how dramatic the life of a SAHM is?!)  I wanted big rewards, so I decided to move him.  I won't keep you all on the edge of your seats; it was a success!  A huge success.  We slipped right into bed where he barely nursed and then slept for another 2 hours. I enjoyed the snuggles while catching up on some blog reading, pinterest, & a side of candy crush.  My life is so glamorous!...

We ended our day with Conor coming home from work early to spend a couple hours playing outside.  Liam loves to "float" on the grass, just like he does in the pool, so we spend a lot of time laying around the backyard.  I love it!  These warm days & evenings have been some of the best family time together!


  1. I know this gamble well! We live in an apartment complex and have a very long walk from the garage to our unit. So I have to put Noah in his stroller... Talk about a gamble! Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't :)

  2. I love this post! We've been playing that car nap game, too lately. Last week I spent an hour in the car parked in the garage grading papers because I was too afraid to risk her waking up by trying to bring her up to her crib. It's so funny what a gamble it is. It is such a huge gamble that I will text my husband at work and ask him what he thinks I should do. Oh, the "risky" decisions we face as mamas:)


    1. Oh I too have spent many hours in a parking lot! Always good to have a few magazines & catalogs on hand! And I definitely texted my husband about my dilemma too! Glad a few of you can sympathize with me on this!

  3. This post is so great! I was nodding my head in agreement because I know exactly what you're talking about! ha!

    I can't wait for 73 degree days to become the norm here in MO!


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