Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's the Little Things...

... like a moment of calm during a busy day.

Toddlerhood is busy.  Liam is always full of energy and wanting to play nonstop.  But every so often, he slows down for just a few minutes.  He will crawl into my lap and ask for "nini".  I love looking down at his sweet face and into the same eyes that I saw the very first time he nursed.  He is becoming such a big boy, but is still my little baby.  Nursing a toddler has been an incredible experience!  I treasure these moments.  I never thought I would here, in this moment, but I have loved all 20 months that I have breastfed Liam.  I want to remember this forever.

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  1. Sweetest picture, breathtaking!!! So impressed with you for doing this, Liam is one lucky boy! We lasted one year, which with working full-time ... I was proud of!!

  2. Beautiful! And I love the stripes on your wall!

  3. Awesome job on breastfeeding for this long! Aria weaned herself off not two weeks ago; it was definitely an emotional experience. One of my favourite things I got to do with her, loved those moments of calm in a toddler storm.

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes!! I love the mama's who do extended bfing{although I kind of hate that term!} and show off how wonderful and amazing and normal it is. Love it love it love it.

  5. I absolutely adore this picture. I am still breastfeeding as well at close to 20 months. Some days it can get to be a lot, but I know how much comfort it brings my little guy that I can't tell him no. We nurse about 3-4 times a day still and I don't see that becoming any less anytime soon. I'm not sure he will ever willingly wean, but we will see. Do you have any ideas about when Liam will wean or how you plan on doing it? I think our sons are a lot a like in their nursing sediments.


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