Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nana & Pops

We are all still coming off of the high from having my parents visit last week!  It felt like a mini vacation for me, with all the extra helping hands.  There were extra diaper changers, dish washers, story time readers, train builders, & bath givers!  Both of my parents are so good with Liam, and I love seeing how crazy he is about them!  I also love being able to go "potty" alone, shower alone, and eat my dinner at a regular pace!  Thank you Nana & Pops!  If only they lived closer...if only...

Here's a little highlight reel of their visit:

We had beautiful weather, so I had the genius idea of taking a hike... in the mountains.  Even though we could obviously look out our window and see there was still snow on the mountains, I was convinced that "spring hikes" that open in March would be clear.  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  We were the crazies wearing tennis shoes while everyone else we passed was on skis or snow shoes.  Definitely an adventure!

Story time.  And the second that one book is finished, Liam yells out "Again!!".

St. Patrick's Day Parade!
Every car & truck that passed by was "Liam's".  The boy can dream...

 Lots of park time.  Conor & I watched and basked in the sunshine while Nana & Pops were the designated swing pushers, slide helpers, & toddler chasers.

Beautiful Utah sunsets right from our front porch, cigar in hand for the boys (except Liam... of course)!

 My mom stayed a few extra days which is always a special time for she and I!  Our bond is so strong, I can only hope to have that close of relationship with Liam.  We fit in some good coffee, shopping, & lunch dates! And while Liam & I napped, she swept, mopped, & vacuumed the house and even prepped dinner!  I have a pretty amazing mama! 

It's always hard to see them go!
Good thing I am already planning a trip to Spokane in May!

I am always jealous of those who have family that live close to them.  However, the distance between us only makes me appreciate my family that much more.  We take full advantage of their visits!  Liam always wants everyone included in playtime, so the five of us spent each evening playing with trains, huddled in a closet playing hide 'n seek ("hiding!"), or all crammed into the teepee at his request...

It was one amazing visit!  'Til next time!


  1. I love the picture when he is reading with his grandpa. He is so focused like "this story is crazy!" I know how you feel with family being far away. It doesn't feel right and I hate that it is our normal, but the time we do share is way more intentional and meaningful. And my son is crazy about his grandparents too. They must go everywhere and do everything with him. He loves when we get visitors.

  2. So sweet, you can definitely tell how much Liam loves them!!!!! Xo

  3. What a great visit! Liam looks like he's having such a fun time! Always wonderful when family visits!

  4. I can totally relate to this post! Every single bit of it. I'm so glad you could have such a wonderful visit with your parents!


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