Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sweet Sweet Daylight

I have always hated daylight savings.  Hated!  The lost hour of sleep combined with having to change all my clocks was just way too much of a hassle!  Okay, maybe not a hassle, but at least annoying!  Maybe just for me...?

brave little cub tee

Well for the first time ever, I am LOVING the start of daylight savings!  With the warmer weather officially here (hello 60 degrees), Liam will be running out the front door as soon as dinner is over!  Last summer, we spent many evenings watching the sun go down while letting little L get those last minute crazies out.  Naturally, Liam will be staying up much later.  So instead of starting his bath at 7pm, we bumped it to 8pm which is no adjustment for his internal clock.  Winning!  And perhaps he'll even sleep in a just a tad bit later because of it too!

Today we soaked up each and every minute of that extra daylight!  We had time for one extra push on the swing.  One more "jump" off the deck.  One more run around the backyard with L's best friend Max.  I can't wait for all the fun that is to come when our evenings are filled with outdoor dinners & cocktails!

Cheers to you Daylight Savings!
I hope you all took advantage of the extra sunshine too!


  1. When did he get so tall?! What a handsome little man!! We are loving the sunlight, too!! :)

  2. He is looking so grown-up in those pictures!

    We can't wait to get out and enjoy some warm weather. We are still waiting for it here in the Midwest.

    Have a fun week enjoying the outdoors with Liam:)

    1. I swear it is the outfit that makes him look so grown up! So many people have said the same thing, not sure why!

  3. This is the first time I'm enjoying "losing an hour of sleep" too! I prefer a later bedtime and hopefully later wake up too! We had nice weather this weekend but unfortunately back to winter temps today :(

  4. I actually didn't mind that extra hour either! Sydney stayed up a little later to watch a movie and we got extra cuddles. I am so ready for the warm weather though. Here in Wisconsin it is still cold and icy all over.

  5. new to your blog - your little one is beyond!!! and yes CHEERS to DST!!!

    PS - i have a GIVEAWAY going on now; love for you to stop by and spread the good karma!

  6. haha nice to hear a post about enjoying DST. Personally I hate it. Well, the one in October anyways that one messed with Aria's sleep for weeks, ugh. This time she's going with the flow...I am however completely out of whack and forgot to make my husband lunch today because I had no idea what time it was. Oops.


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