Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Day in the Life: Spring 2014

It's been about 6 months since my last "day in the life" post, so it was time for an update! I love these glimpses into motherhood and know that I will particularly enjoy them when all my kids have left the house and I am reminiscing over a glass of wine! If these are so not your thing, don't let me bore you. Click away now! I tried to be a bit more thorough this time after reading Erin's recent post, so this is gonna be a long one. Grab your coffee (or wine for the late night readers), and let's go:

Today is Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. Conor & I are both 28, and Liam is 20 months old. 

Let me first start with last night... I nursed Liam to sleep in his new big boy bed (size:full) for the 3rd night and he slept for 4+ hours straight!!! It was absolutely incredible. We brought him into our bed when he woke up which is where he still spends the remainder of the night. 

7:12 - Liam attempts to wake up for the day, but I tell him it's still "night night" time and nurse him back down. I can't fall back asleep, so I grab my phone and catch up on the news, blogs, & candy crush. My glasses are just out of my reach, and I dare not move an inch in fear that I will wake up the sleeping monster... So my phone is 2 inches from my face as I attempt to read.
7:20 - Liam mumbles something & I worry he is trying to start the day earlier than usual. I pretend sleep, and it works! As he squirms, I snag my glasses off the nightstand. Success! 

8:17 - Charlie Cat decides he's ready to get outside and tries to walk all over Liam & I. I shoo him away as stealthily as possible. I value this time to lounge in bed and am not quite ready for the toddler to wake! 

8:23 - He's up. First word: fire truck. A few snuggles & a quick nursing session. 

8:28 - We're out of bed. I try to find a little privacy in the bathroom, but those toddler eyes are always watching. I tell L it's time for a clean diaper and he runs off. Good thing I am still faster! 

8:45 - I make a green juice and breakfast for us both. Today he doesn't want breakfast, so he watches me eat (those every watching eyes) and talks about his transportation plate. I wash dishes while Liam is temporarily occupied emptying my diaper bag.

9:15 - I need to prepare more cloth wipes (if you cloth diaper you should really make the switch the cloth wipes too) so I enlist Liam's help. His help involves splashing all the water out of the sink. 

9:23 - Throw in a load of laundry. Again L "helps" by pushing the start button a minimum or five times. He runs around the downstairs while I fold laundry that has finished drying on the racks from the day before. 

9:35 - It's a beautiful morning so we head outside. Jammies & moccasins are his morning look. We never change out of pajamas until we leave the house. It's kinda a rule. He pushes around his shopping cart, plays in the dirt, & gets into one type of mischief or another while I cut some fresh flowers my garden to bring inside.

10:15 - Since it's Wednesday Jenn, Lindsey, & Elle come over for our weekly coffee date. Today it's warm enough to enjoy it on the back deck; sunscreen required! L has a snack, colors, digs with his shovel, & swings while I catch up with the girls. 

12:15 - Friends leave and we hang up the wet laundry. 

12:25 - Lunch time. L wants mac 'n cheese "bunny pasta" of which he will eat 1/4 of the box. I eat the rest. This happens a couple times a week. I don't so much love man 'n cheese anymore.

12:55 - Clean diaper, then nurse right to sleep. 

1:08 - He's asleep and I try to snooze as well, but it's not happening today. Instead I read my book club book which needs to be finished by Saturday! 

2:10 - He's starts stirring, and I start panicking that nap time is already over... Let him nurse again and he's back out! 

2:19 - I am hit with an uncontrollable coughing fit, but luckily he sleeps through out. Disaster avoided. I'm optimistic that he may go for a 3 hour nap today... 

2:50 - He wakes up a little bit cranky crank. Refuses a clean diaper as well as getting dressed. I bribe him with the promise to play his favorite song, Happy by Pharrell. He reluctantly complies. 

3:01 - I throw on workout clothes while Happy plays...twice. We listen to this song far far too much. We grab the necessities (water, snacks, diapers, etc) to leave the house and move at a snail's toddler's pace. 

3:19 - The neighbor girls are outside, so L insists on playing with friends. My workout can wait. 

3:30 - I coax L into the car, and we are finally on our way to the gym. I don't tell him this and dread taking him to the daycare the entire drive. Knot in my stomach and all. 

3:41 - We park the car and there are no tears yet, just a very sad Liam. 

3:49 - Enter the daycare, introduce L to a boy named Cooper who is playing with cars. L could care less. Starts with the quiver lip & the crocodile tears. I feel like the worst mom ever. Hand off to one of the workers and off to the locker room. 

3:50 - Peek back at Liam. Can't tell if he's still crying or not. Mom guilt ensues. 

3:52 - On the treadmill for a quick 4 mile run. 

4:40 - Pick up a crying & very upset Liam. They keep telling me that he will adjust & it will get better. But he's not & it's not. Sad baby, sad mama bear. 

4:43 - Strap Liam into his carseat and call my mom for support & to vent about the gym situation. After, I realize I have nothing planned for dinner and decide to drive to the grocery store and go in "blind" looking for some dinner inspiration. 

4:54 - Get inspired by nothing except cupcakes. Make a cherry chip cake mix impulse buy. L is asking for yogurt drops, so I grab some off the shelf and open them right up. This is his standard grocery store snack these days. I also grab a few things for a salad and make the executive decision to just BBQ chicken for dinner.

5:11 - In the car & driving home. Get text from Conor that a meeting is running long, grrr.... 

5:25 - Liam announces our arrival "HOME" as we pull in the garage. We put away the groceries and get the little man a clean diaper. 

5:30 - It's back outside to play with the neighbors til Conor gets home.

5:58 - Finally get the call that Conor is on his way, which calls for a glass of wine. 6:23 - L is getting impatient, so we get "tucked in" on the couch and he has a quick nursing session. 6:25- Conor is home!!! High fives for Daddy & a snack.

6:40 - I tell Conor about my big plans for our boring dinner, so he decides we should just get some takeout instead and enjoy the sunshine. He takes Liam to pick up burritos while I enjoy my wine and start this post. 7:07 - Dinner on the deck.

7:27 - Liam's patience with dinner has run out, so he decides to go play with the neighbors some more. Conor & I enjoy a wee bit of adult conversation. Clean up from dinner while the little one is occupied.

7:47 - I jump in the shower, finally having a chance to wash off the sweat from my workout hours prior. 

8:00 - L joins me in the shower, since he is currently boycotting the bath tub. I am prunny because this is the world's longest shower. No complaints though!

8:11- Hand L off to be diapered, jammied, & read to. But first he runs around in his birthday suit! I get in my cozies and then join them (for storytime, not the running around in birthday suits).

8:27 - Nurse L to sleep while saying our prayers. I finally start to wind down from the day. 

8:45 - First attempt at slithering out of the bed fails. 

8:54 - He's officially asleep and I join Conor downstairs. He has work to do, so I pour a 2nd glass of wine and sit down at my computer to send a few emails & blog. 

 9:28 - He's awake and crying for mama. I nurse him back to sleep. 

9:37 - I sneak out of his room once again and try to quickly finish up this post. 

10:19 - Guess who's back up?! I blame it on teething even though I have come to terms with the fact that I have a terrible sleeper. I nurse him back to sleep per usual. 

10:30 - I'm back downstairs and remember that I bought some cupcake mix. Decide I'm way to tired to bake, especially since I have no confidence that Liam is going to sleep longer than a half hour tonight. Hit publish on this post, tidy up the kitchen, & convince Conor to stop working so that we can watch something on our DVR. Bedtime is usually between 11-12. 



  1. I love reading these!! Sneak peek into a SAHM, hoping the day are nursery gets better soon!!

  2. This reminds me that I should do another day in the life too! My experience with dropping my son off at daycare is that when we did it more often it bacame routine and so much easier. We started with 2 days per week and it was pretty traumatic but when it became every day it was so much better. I'm impressed with the big boy bed....we're starting to think about that!

    1. Thanks for the advice & the support, I'm still hoping it improves!

      Since Liam has been sleeping with us, making the switch to a big boy bed wasn't a big deal. If he wakes up he just cries out for me and never tries to get out. I'm sure things will change as he gets older!

  3. Your description of bedtime and sleeping sounds so familiar. I've learned to function on very little sleep. I wish we were outside playing as much as you guys do! Sorry the gym hasn't gotten better yet :(

  4. Loved it! Ahhhh the days of nursing. I remember those so vividly! My kids were the same kind of sleepers, they got better once I stopped nursing. I think they just loved the comfort from mama which was both cute and aggravating lol. Hang in there it will get better. He's such a cutie pie!! And I'm the same as you -- wine every night! It's my total destresser! Xx

  5. I loved reading this! I sneak peak into how someone else spends their days is so much fun! My son is a grocery store snacker too. It's like he thinks that's what you're supposed to do there -- he usually wants chocolate milk and sometimes a cheese stick and turkey from the deli. I'm really praying for you two that the gym daycare time gets easier. The time away for you to work out and have your own time is so important :)

  6. I love "day in the life" posts. Fun days like this always make me jealous of the SAHM's. Oh and jealous that your backyard has such GORGEOUS flowers. And jealous that you get to have coffee dates with your friends once a week! Sounds like the best day!

  7. DiTL posts are a personal fave! You have beautiful flowers, wow. Not so happy to hear that gym daycare hasn't gotten any easier for either of you though. Hoping it gets better soon.

  8. This is so sweet, I love it. I think about doing this one day too to make my blog a bit more personal! :)

    1. Oh you should! All your readers will love it, and more importantly, you will treasure that peek into your lives many years down the road!


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