Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Amazing.  Our Easter was amazing!  Liam continues to bring a extra amount of excitement & joy to each day but especially to the holidays!  He loved every minute of it, which makes me believe that he has his mama's holiday-lovin' heart!  He hunted eggs, ate far more chocolate than any almost 2 year old should, & ran all over the place in his "new shoes"!
Saturday we attempted our first ever naturally dyed eggs, and they turned out beautifully!  I followed this method and was quite impressed with how easy it was.  Conor was quite skeptical but pleasantly surprised at the end.  Who knew red cabbage makes a blue dye?!  I will be dying eggs the natural way from on and can't wait to try out more colors next year.  Stuff like this makes my little hippie heart so happy!
That night, Liam planted jellybeans with the neighbor girls in hopes of waking up to some suckers...  This was obviously way over his head, but he enjoyed the planting nonetheless!  As I tucked him into bed that night, but I was full of excitement for what the next day was going to bring.  Liam had no idea that the following day would be full of surprises!  I slept horribly and woke up early, because I just couldn't wait to get all the fun started!

I snuck out of bed to go "grow" the suckers only to find the neighbor girls already outside...  They informed me that Liam should have woken up earlier if he wanted some suckers, ha!  We had to explain to them that sometimes plants don't all grow at the same time, and that some still might be appearing in our yard later that morning, phew!  Upon waking, Liam ran right outside to harvest his treats!  Candy before 9am...? Or, really, just candy in general...?  Why not, it's Easter!
Conor spent the first part of the morning making quiche for brunch and then hiding eggs with some of the neighbors for the big hunt!  I could not handle the cuteness that was Liam after getting him dressed for the day!  Bow tie & Salt Water Sandals with a tucked in shirt!  I also think I see a teeny tiny belt in his future!  We handed Liam his basket and sent him off to find some eggs...  He knew exactly what to do and looked like a pro right away.  He kept asking for "more eggs"!  It was one of those proud parent moments and you watch your child just nail their first hunt!  After about 10 minutes he dropped an egg which burst open with candy all over... it was game over from that point forward.  He only wanted to sit on the front steps and check out his loot.  Ten minutes & three chocolates later, he was still happy as could be going through his basket!

After the hunt, we sat down to Brunch and let Liam discover what the Easter bunny had brought him. I loved putting together his basket and getting to play "Easter Bunny"; it just warms my little heart!  After putting nearly every sticker he got onto his hands & arms, we took some formal Easter portraits selfies and headed off to mass.  Let's just say mass didn't go so well.  Maybe at all.  Whenever it was quiet Liam would proclaim "All done! Mommy up!  Outside!"  We tried going into the kids sound proof room, but it was so packed and noisy that we couldn't even hear the service.  Then we made our way to the back of the Church and we still had a unhappy toddler that would not sit still or be quiet.  So...for the first time ever, we left early.  Before communion even.  It was Liam's worst performance yet!  Please tell me we aren't the only family that has left church early due to an unruly child... Maybe the three chocolates that morning had a little to do with it...

After Liam's amazing church performance, it was definitely time for a nap...for mama & Liam!  Two and half blissful hours of afternoon sleep!  And then I woke up to reality at 4pm only to realize that I hadn't done a stitch of cooking, and I was hosting Easter dinner in a mere 2.5 hours.  Sheer panic set in!  I have never cooked so fast in my life.  And the menu I had planned wasn't helping.  Choosing to make three separate dishes that all needed to be cooked in our single oven was a big mistake.  But it was my lucky day...  Liam was perfectly content playing with some markers & a new coloring book) while Conor & I absolutely destroyed our kitchen.  I love that my hubby can cook!!!

We managed to pull it off in true Keenan style!  Dinner with friends was the perfect end to our little holiday!  Liam went to bed rather quickly, so I even got to enjoy some wine on the couch with the adults late into the evening.  Such a treat!

So thankful for special days like this one to truly appreciate my little family!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!


  1. I'm in love with his outfit... Especially the sandals! And that's so cute with the jelly beans into suckers... Gonna have to do that next year! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. He looks sooooo sweet in his Easter outfit! I love the jellybean and lollipop idea. I will be stealing that for next Easter. I might also be stealing the natural dyed eggs!

    1. Thank you! I had seen the jellybean idea on a few blogs, but my neighbor was the one who got me on board. She handed me all the supplies, so it was easy to do last minute! Definitely do naturally dyed eggs next year; it was so fun!

  3. Sweet! I had never heard of the jelly beans to sucker thing but I am most certainly going to do that from now on!!! And Liam looks adorable-- esp in his bow tie!!

  4. Love your dress! Love that you were too excited to sleep, holidays are the best! Planting jelly beans for suckers? What a cute idea, I'm putting that one in my pocket for another year. So fun! He is just the cutest in his bow tie with a tucked in shirt. He was probably too excited that it was easter to sit through church, plus the chocolates =) It happens!

  5. Shut up. That kid looks SO CUTE in his Easter outfit! I'm loving it! And I'm loving the "growing suckers out of jelly beans". Genius. Will have to remember for next year!


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