Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Schmonday...I Nailed It!

Usually Mondays are a little rough.  Both Liam & I have a hard time adjusting to Daddy being back at work, and it takes awhile to get in our own little groove again.  Well not today!  I owned this Monday!  I just nailed motherhood & life in general.  This is a day to be celebrated!  Please, please, please bring my more days like this!

I want to savor every last minute of today (and the last drops of my wine), so I'll keep this to a condensed version of the highlights:  

Liam slept in and then spent the morning coloring, so I was able to actually relax and sip (instead of chug) my cup of tea.  Early afternoon trip to the Children's Museum where I can into some friends from my toddler La Leche League group!  Impromptu mommy time is the best!  Liam was mostly excited about the drinking fountain...he's still working on how to use it exactly.  Sometimes he misses his mouth...

Home for lunch, where Liam actually sat on the counter and helped me cook!  In the past, he has spent his time in the kitchen whining & holding onto my legs, but now he loves to be a part of the action and help with whatever I'll let him get his chubby hands on.  Today's official job: cheese grater.  He even sat down at the table with me and ate a good portion of the quesadillas I served up!  Naptime followed and was much much shorter than I would have liked, but I wasn't about to let anything spoil our happy (whine & tear free) day!

As soon as he woke up, I threw on my running shoes and headed to the gym.  I dropped Liam off at the daycare and to my surprise he didn't cry!  I kissed him goodbye and told him and I was going for a run but would be back soon.  "Mommy back soon," he said back to me; he finally gets it!  I busted out a 4 mile run (in 38 minutes, toot toot) and got back to the daycare as soon as I could.  To my absolute amazement, Liam had a huge smile on his face and was playing with blocks.  This was a first!  They told me that he didn't cry once!  He was happy to see me, but was pretty focused on building a tower.  The silly boy didn't want to leave!  I told him we would be back tomorrow, so he waved and said "buh bye friends!"  Mama fit in a workout & Liam played with friends!  Winning!  If he continues to enjoy daycare, I will feel more comfortable doing longer workouts and finally getting back into yoga & spinning!  Now I can actually look forward to this part of our day, instead of feeling guilty about leaving him!

After a quick trip to the grocery store for dinner ingredients, we played away the rainy afternoon in the playroom.  I built quite possibly my best train track yet!  Giggles & "choo choos" were in no short supply until Conor arrived home!  We cooked dinner together (this divine little pasta recipe with grilled chicken on top), and again Liam devoured more than I thought his little stomach could handle!    When Liam eat, the rest of the family can eat.  This was a huge dinnertime success!

A glass of wine was poured, I showered while Conor bathed Liam, 
& then I nursed that sweet boy to sleep in record time!  
Monday April 28th, you were good to me!  
Let's keep this happy train rolling through the rest of the week!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! So glad that Liam is doing better at daycare at the gym. SO cute he was having so much fun and then said bye bye to his friends!

  2. Wow that was definitely an amazing Monday... Yay for those kind of days! And I'm so happy for you that Liam liked going to the gym day care... Good for you for sticking with it!

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!! You never know with Monday's!

  4. Love that he is getting used to daycare - that will make a HUGE difference for your psyche:). Great start to the week!

    1. It already has! Today I'm actually looking forward to my workout and will be able to enjoy it so much more knowing that Liam is having fun while we're apart!

  5. YAY!!! I knew he would adjust. Myles did the same, took around 2 weeks and he was fine. Then I actually wanted to go to the gym and had more motivation to workout. I know how good that feels; not having to worry as much. A no whining or crying day is a huge success.. Good to know it is possible :)

  6. Yay! So glad he is doing better at the gym!

  7. Don't you just love when you have a good Monday?! They seem to be few and far between but I guess that's what makes them extra special!

  8. I am so glad the gym part has gotten so much better!! It is such a great thing for you and him!!


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