Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Favorite Things: Months 19 & 20

Liam is at such a fun age right now.  His imagination is really starting to show through which makes playtime a new adventure everyday.  He are the things that are getting plenty of use from the little man currently:

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart:  This cart is frequently carrying around Liam's favorite stuffed animals, or cars, or books!  We bought it when it was crazy on sale and have been loving it ever since.  It is well made and will definitely last through multiple children.

IKEA Step Stool: L is all about hand washing!  He is also starting to help me in the kitchen when I am cooking dinner, so he is constantly climbing up & down this stool.  It's durable, but light enough that Liam can move it around the kitchen on his own.  We stained the wood a dark color to try and match our hardwood floors and kitchen table.  Now it isn't that much of an eye sore and just blends in with the rest of the kitchen.
Plasma Wiggle Car:  This is hands down Liam's most favorite thing right now!  If the weather is nice (Liam's assessment of nice, not mine) L will be found tearing around on his wiggle car with some of the neighbors.  I love how active he is with this car; it definitely wears him our for nap & bedtime!

Melissa & Doug Tool Box:  Liam is always trying to help Daddy with his tools, but he'll settle for playing with his own little set.  He's pretty into the hammer & the wrench "french", but still figuring out how all the pieces can go together.
IKEA Train Set:  This provides us with hours of play!  Each morning we set up a new track and he ever so gently pushes the train along.  He's always shouting out "choo choo" & "tunnel"!  There are a couple of extension packs which we also have, so the track can get pretty big and the design options are endless!  We keep all the pieces in a canvas box, so it's easy for Liam to take out & clean up.

Cordy Dog Jellycat:  Liam has never really taken to a lovey or blanket, but has recently became attached to this dog.  He sleeps with him, occasionally brings him in the car, & sometimes gives him a ride in the shopping cart.  We have quite a few Jellycat animals and are big fans of them all!

As Liam approaches two, I need gift ideas...
What is the two year old in your life loving?


  1. I might have to get the step stool for Noah! We have the train set but he's not as gentle with it. I know he will love it when he's a little older though!

  2. That wiggle car is very cool looking! And, I love the shopping cart.

  3. That wiggle car looks SO FUN! Mason might need that for his birthday or Christmas!

  4. The plasma cars are all the rage for the toddle set these days, huh? Owen loves riding his friends ones!

  5. Jellycat animals, train tracks and that shopping cart are all favorites of ours too. Still need to look into one of those wiggle cars...I think he'd love it.

    1. Just pull the trigger on the wiggle car! You won't regret it!

  6. I can't wait till we get to the trains phase!!! :)

  7. Oh I love this!! Such a good peek into what Mia will be loving in a couple months!


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