Thursday, April 17, 2014

We're Surviving...Barely

Conor left for a business trip early Tuesday morning.  This is something I have been dreading for weeks!  Three full days of solo parenting.  Let me tell you, it's exhausting!  I am trying to stay as busy as possible, so there isn't a moment to sit and realize that I will not be going potty alone for three straight days.  Or showering alone, or eating cupcakes alone (maybe eating cupcakes in the pantry though)!
Day 1 was relatively painless.  We visited a farm with our friends Max & Victoria, followed by a long afternoon nap.  Then it was outside to soak up some afternoon sun.  My sweet neighbors had Liam & I over for dinner which filled the rest of the evening.  I felt like I could actually handle this business trip and was feeling like super mom!

Then he slept horribly.  I'm not sure he ever stayed asleep longer than 1 hour at a time.  And then Day 2 rolled around.  Oh my day 2...  After barely sleeping all night, we were both a bit cranky.  Liam has been sensitive lately and this day was no different.  In between his mood swings, Liam managed to fall down half a flight of stairs (carpeted at least), fall off his kitchen stool, & then fall off the ladder to a slide.  This seriously all happened in ONE day while I was standing right next to him.  I'm worried I need to have the kid's inner ear checked!  Also, he only napped for 45 minutes.  So at 2 pm I was ready for bedtime!  Day 2 left me feeling like an utter failure.
Although the day was long (extra long) and we had plenty of rough moments, we still had some sweet ones as well.  Day 2 made for plenty of snuggles on the couch (each Charlie joined in) & a trip to the children's museum.  Liam is obsessed with the real helicopter there!  He lets me be the co-pilot and will even give me a kiss between all the button pushing!  

Conor knew how worried I was about these three days, so left us a few surprises!  He wrote us both a note for each day he was gone and had Amazon deliver a brand new Little Blue Truck book on Day 2!  I just love how thoughtful he is!  I am incredibly lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom and am so thankful to Conor and his job that support our family.  I am grateful that he doesn't have to travel often; but when he does, I allowed to complain just a little bit!
Today is my last day flying solo and then the weekend is practically here!  Wish me luck!  I think a morning trip to the aquarium and an afternoon trip to the zoo are in order.  Maybe even a smoothie date.  And a fro-yo date!  Let's see how much I can possibly cram into one day...


  1. Maybe something is in the air because Noah has started waking every hour too! It's absolute torture. We are going to the doctor today to have his ears checked and I'm actually hoping something is wrong to explain this lack of sleeping! I hope you have a better day today! I seriously don't know how single parents do it!

  2. ooph, a rough night of sleep never makes for a good start to the morning. I hope day 3 goes well and you cram in all those fun things! the zoo and a froyo date sounds perfect, I might have to steal that for this weekend.

  3. Sucks, doesn't it?! My husband travels for work, i HATE weeks where he's gone Tues-Fri, but...that's life. Glad you survived!

  4. Oh mama, I feel your pain. It's so hard when it's just you all the time. My husband is getting ready to leave for a 4 day business trip (over a weekend) and I'm already panicking. MUST plan things to do! Hang in there. He'll be home soon! You're doing awesome.


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