Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

This week flew by since Conor only worked 3 days!  Friday is here and I can't wait for a fun weekend together.  The waterpark by our house is now open, so hopefully I will be floating in a lazy river at some point!  Here's my five...  As always, thanks to all the lovely hosts: Christina, Darci, April, & Natasha!


Finally purchased a new pair of running of shoes that I've been talking about for a couple of weeks!  While I'm not a huge fan of the big neon trend right now, these shoes felt like butter on my feet.  It's my first pair of Brooks, and I am in love!  Knees are feeling great again.  I'm also loving the Fitsnap app!  I'll try not to overload Instagram with my workouts, but there is something so satisfying about posting stats!

This year I decided to grow my own mint, and it is paying off big time!  I've been throwing it in my juicer, Moscow Mules, & even some ice water.  I love adding a little hint of it here in everything.  When I was debating exactly which variety of mint to plant, I went with "mojito" mint...because why wouldn't you want mint made specifically for cocktails?!  Little advice: grow mint in a pot, otherwise it will completely take over your garden!

I'm always trying to find easy ways to sneak in some extra calories each day (thank you breastfeeding!), so my new favorite afternoon pick me up is a Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea!  It's loaded with calcium & protein and tastes delicious.  I especially love it right after hitting the gym.

How adorable are these travel tops for mason jars?!  They would be perfect for all the cocktails I plan on walking through the neighborhood with.   Now if only I could find some that would fit my big 32 ouncers...

After spending an entire week away from Conor, Liam & I are both so happy to be back in his arms.  I live for these sweet moments; hopefully our weekend is full of them!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Mini Vacation with the Mini

Whoa, that was a much bigger blogging break than I intended to take!  It was nice to step away while we were up in the Northwest & just disconnect for a bit.  I had planned on blogging as soon as we got back, but a sick babe (with a high fever for 3 days) and then our internet being on the fritz put blogging off for a bit.  Any whoo... I'm back and have lots of catching up to do!

Our little trip up North was nothing short of amazing as always.  Each time I go home to visit, I appreciate my hometown more & more.  I love watching Liam run around my parents backyard, helping Nana plant flowers or being chased by Pops.  There is just something so special about watching your child play in the house you grew up in.  I am becoming more & more nostalgic for Spokane every day.  The desire to move back home grows greater with each visit...

Since I was in town for over a week, I had the opportunity to spend time with all of my family (Grandpa included) & many of friends!  My mom always makes me feel so at home by putting fresh flowers from the garden in my bedroom & having some of my favorite snacks & wine on hand! And she always comes home from the gym with a coffee for me in hand.  It feels like my very own little bed & breakfast.  :-)

Spokane was good to us.  There were playdates & wine tastings.  Massages & coffee dates.  Happy hours & bubbles...lots of bubbles.  Pontoon boat rides & rounds of darts in the man cave.  Huckleberry pancakes & maple bars.  Swings & slides.  Lots of cousin time.  And each ordinary moment in between made extraordinary because I was home.  Home with my family.  

The airport goodbyes were sad & teary, but....
we will be back in a short 4 1/2 weeks!
(And next time I will be making sure to get pictures of Nana!!!)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Take Off

Liam & I have arrived in Washington for a week with my family!  Liam loved the airport and all the commotion going on, and we flew through security (high fives for still baby wearing)!  Conor was with us in the airport, since he was also flying out for a business trip.  I actually relaxed while he did some last minute toddler wrangling. I should have bellied up to the bar for a quick mimosa before our flight...  Let me just say that traveling with a toddler is far more difficult than traveling with a baby. I have still been able to hold off on introducing movies or shows. So instead I was armed with a huge book of stickers and hopes that the beverage cart would make its way to us quickly! Liam loves himself some water & pretzels! And at almost 22 months, he has become a huge "lap" child, but I absolutely refuse to buy him a ticket until I have too. We were squished to say the least, but we survived!

Lunch with Nana at my favorite sandwich shop was our 1st stop, then a nice long nap! It will practically be a vacation while we're here with all the helping hands around. As usual, I will take a step away from the blog and instead enjoy every sweet moment of our stay.  Hoping to remember to take lots of pictures...
Have a lovely week!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday

The weekend is here, and I'm starting it off with book club friday!  Can't wait for the girl time, cocktails, & dessert!  More beautiful weather has arrived for the weekend, so I will basking in 80 degree temps while working on our garden and enjoying a bonfire later.  Here's my five...  As always, thanks to all the lovely hosts: Christina, Darci, April, & Natasha!


I had my last Cardio Barre class this week, and I really wanted to go out with a bang!  I had big plans to where a thong leotard (with spandex, obvi) that I bought at Goodwill in college for a Call on Me party...  I'm pretty sure I still remember most of those moves!  Anyways, thong leotard was nowhere to be found, so sad.  I'm pretty sure I will never be able to snatch up something that awesome again!

My high school reunion is coming up this summer, and unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it.  If I still lived in my hometown I would definitely be there, but the weekend it falls on really doesn't work for our family to travel up there.  I'm a little bummed because the 10 year reunion just seems like a "must attend" event, but I suppose I'll survive.  In honor of this, here is one of my senior pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Since I've started running again, my knees have been hurting pretty bad.  First I thought that I was running too far & too fast without easing into it...  Then I thought I was just getting old (scary thought)...  But I realized that I really just need new running shoes; I've put far too many miles on my current pair.  A little unexpected shoe shopping?  Don't mind if I do!  I'm eyeing this pair (the pink may be a bit much), but we'll see what I go with.

I received lots of questions about the sweater I was wearing in my Mother's Day post, so thought I would share it with the masses.  It's Bobeau from Nordstrom; I have it in two colors and wear it all the time.  They are even on sale right now, so snatch one up!

You know I love a good desktop wallpaper, so here's my current favorite.  I'll be keeping this one up until I find a good summer one.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's the Little Things hearing the garbage truck on Friday morning and running outside to watch it work!

He finds it both terrifying & exhilarating all at the same time!
Thanks to Ashley & Jess for the link up!

Sadie Sky Boutique

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Friends With Kids

This post is long overdue.  But somehow, the nights slip away from me and blogging doesn't always happen.  Sometimes the dishes are stacked just high enough that I can't put them off until tomorrow.  And sometimes Conor has to do a bit of work in the evenings, so the TV is mine & I can sneak in an episode of Hart of Dixie (or "trash" as it is referred to by Conor...).  And sometimes Liam takes entirely too long to fall asleep; therefore, I am practically asleep by the time I sneak out of his bedroom.  No zombie blogging for me.  But tonight, tonight I sip on my wine and bust out a short little catch-up post:

There is a baby boom happening.  Our friends are bringing little people into the world at a rapid rate these days and we are loving it!  Let the family vacation planning begin!  It is an incredible thing to watch those closest to you go through some of life's most incredible moments.  I can remember when our friends (the Hansons in San Diego) Facetimed with us when Liam was only 3 months old & shared the surprising news that they were expecting!!!  Both Conor & I hip-hip-hoorayed so loud that Liam instantly burst into tears!  That's true excitement!

A couple weeks ago, the Hanson family took a little trip to visit us here in Utah!  The weather was absolutely terrible, but it didn't matter because the drinks were flowing, toys were flying, & babies were playing.  Instead of bar hopping & "icing" one another (yeah...we did that in our younger years...), we had a round of drinks in the playroom, took naps,  & stuffed our faces just like the little ones!  It was glorious!

I look forward to many more weekends like these as well as hopefully some trips to Disneyland & Hawaii, all with our closest friends & their broods!  It is such a sweet time to be settling in & raising babies!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I hope all you mommies had a wonderful weekend being celebrated!  I was sure spoiled with so much love from my two boys!  Saturday morning, I took some "me" time and it was glorious!  I went for a mile swim & then soaked in the hot tub for a bit afterwards.  It's amazing how just a few minutes of relaxing and not having to rush off to do something can energize you for the rest of the day.  Then I treated myself to pedicure, which finished up just in time to put Liam down for a nap and take a little snooze myself.  I need mornings like these where I can turn off "mommy mode" for a just a few hours a little more often!  It makes for a much happier mama and in turn a happy babe!

Sunday, I was celebrated like a queen & it felt good!
Slept in until 10:15am.
Woke up to a champagne breakfast & presents!
(Sweets, flowers, & lululemon are practically my love language)

It was a rainy day, and Liam has a bit of a cold...
but that only meant plenty of couch snuggles!
And a little Spring cleaning.
2+ hour nap time.
1+ hour attempted potty time.
(Apparently Liam can hold his pee longer than I am willing 
to sit on a cold bathroom floor and read books)
Happy hour with a nice bottle of wine (Durigutti Reserve Malbec)
while Conor makes stuffed chicken breasts for dinner.
"Me" time while the babe is in the tub.
Kisses, snuggles, nursies.
Backgammon ('cause we're old).
Early to bed.
Perfect day with the two greatest loves of my life.

I feel incredibly lucky to have the sweet little boy that I do, and am thankful everyday that he is mine & I am his!  I wish I could have spent the day with my own mom as well, but at least I get to see her in 1 week!  I cannot wait!  She's one of the best.  Best mom, best friend, best cook, best gardener, & best nana!
Happy (late) Mother's Day to all!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's the Little Things being able to hold your baby extra tight.

And giving him as many kisses as you can possibly fit into a day.
And staring into his sweet face, memorizing each & every feature.
And hearing his infectious giggle.

Today I feel lucky to have my little Liam right here next to me.  That is all I need.  My heart has been so heavy since hearing the news that Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery lost her 3.5 year old son in a tragic accident last week.  No mother should have to experience that loss.  No mother should have to say goodbye.  My thoughts & prayers are with Jacqui and her family.  They need a tremendous amount of love & support.  The world will surely miss that little red headed boy!


Thanks to Ashley & Jess for the link up!

Sadie Sky Boutique

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gifts for Mom

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share some of my gifting ideas.  This holiday is the perfect opportunity to splurge on your mom and buy her something she wouldn't normally purchase for herself.  I'm a bit sad that I won't be celebrating with my mom this year, although I get to see her just 1 week later!  That is a gift right there!  I know that my boys will be spoiling me on Sunday, and I can't wait.  I'm hoping to sleep in and then eat & drink my little heart out the rest of the day!  Mimosa bar....yes please?!

1. Tory Burch Sandals // 2. J. Crew Short Sleep Set // 3. GAP Robe
4. Mason Jar Drink Dispenser //  5. Fitbit // 6. Pave Link Bracelet

What are all of you getting your mamas this year?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hint of Almond Margaritas {Recipe}

With Cinco de Mayo celebrations happening tomorrow, I thought it was finally time to share my famous margarita recipe!  This is actually my mom's (as most of my best recipes are), but I added my own flair.  The almond extract is what really make these margs special & will have everyone asking "ooh, what's in here?!"  The original recipe calls for almond syrup, but I found it added an extra sweetness that I wasn't looking for.  Almond extract keeps the overall sweetness down and allows for a little more wiggle room in how much almond flavor you actually want.  And I want a lot!!!

I also jazz up the salted rim by using kosher salt & mixing in a little sugar with it.  The salty/sweet combo is perfect!  Throw a lime wedge on the rim and sip (trying not to chug) down this little bit of tequila goodness!  Here's the recipe friends!  Please let me know if you make a batch; It's makes my old bartending heart happy! :-)

Hint of Almond Margaritas
1 cup tequila
1/4 cup triple sec
1 tbsp almond extract (give or take...)
1/2 can frozen limeade

Blend all those wonderful ingredients together and serve!

Hope you all have a margarita & guacamole filled Cinco de Mayo!

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