Monday, May 5, 2014

Gifts for Mom

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share some of my gifting ideas.  This holiday is the perfect opportunity to splurge on your mom and buy her something she wouldn't normally purchase for herself.  I'm a bit sad that I won't be celebrating with my mom this year, although I get to see her just 1 week later!  That is a gift right there!  I know that my boys will be spoiling me on Sunday, and I can't wait.  I'm hoping to sleep in and then eat & drink my little heart out the rest of the day!  Mimosa bar....yes please?!

1. Tory Burch Sandals // 2. J. Crew Short Sleep Set // 3. GAP Robe
4. Mason Jar Drink Dispenser //  5. Fitbit // 6. Pave Link Bracelet

What are all of you getting your mamas this year?


  1. I'll take one of each please! Seriously these things are all so cute! I really love that dispenser! And sign me up for a mimosa bar too!

  2. I hope you get a fitbit!!!! Also, I have two mason jar dispensers and they're SO handy. I use them at every bridal/baby shower I help with. And that bracelet? Swoon.

  3. oooo great list, loving every single piece!

  4. I have #4 and #6 so great minds must think alike! :)

  5. i want the pjs and fitbit for myself, please! haha. i hope you get all of these things!
    i got my mum some disney + american stuff she obviously can't get at home. she's an easy buy ;) have a great week!

  6. Mimosa bar? Yes please! I'd also love one of each of these...especially that bracelet! Hope you have the best Mother's Day!


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