Sunday, June 1, 2014

22 Months Old

Well I'm just over a week late on this, but that's how things are going around here these days.  We are nearing the two year mark ever so quickly, but sometimes I feel like I already have a two year old.  We are starting to have mini conversations which makes him seem so grown up.  This was a good month!

Favorite Foods:  His two favorites are pizza & quesadillas which he calls "piece-a-deeya".  Yep they are both called this and don't try to tell him otherwise.  He also started eating a lot more meat, but regardless of what type, we just call it chicken.  It's all chicken, and he doesn't know any differently.  Other favorites include pasta, hummus, smoothies, & cheese.  We've seen a huge difference in how much he is eating this month, which we are thrilled about!

Breastfeeding:  Nurses for naptime, bedtime, & throughout the night (but not nearly as much)!  It's rare that he nurses randomly anymore, although occasionally he will ask for it.  Once he drinks all my milk, I tell him "no more milk" and that we can have "nini later."  This usually works most of the time.  I am not trying to push him to wean; however, I do want my fertility back....  It's a balance that I am trying to find right now.

New Words Phrases:  "That's funny" is still his favorite phrase that he throws out anytime people are laughing.  He also yells "come in" when the doorbell rings or someone knocks.  And anytime something is out of sight, it's "hiding"!  He is quite the talker and continues to narrate every single moment of our day.  His vocabulary blows my mind AND it is so clear!  Sometimes it's exhausting listening to the little man.  I absolutely love his little chatter, especially when we go on dates for smoothies or ice cream and he tells me about anything & everything that is on his mind.

Sleep:  He's napping in his big boy bed (with me) and starts the night in it too.  He's still waking up about every 3 hours, so once I'm in bed he joins us at his next waking.  He's not falling asleep nursing anymore, so I consider that a huge step!  I also don't let him sleep on top of me anymore, so there is some more progress!  Hoping these little changes will start leading to longer stretches of sleep.  Having said all this, from about 6 am on all my little rules go out the window, and I let him nurse as long as he pleases and lay on top of me.  This always ensures that he will sleep in...sometimes til 9 or so!

Favorite Interests:  He is interested in everything!  He is such a curious little boy who loves exploring and figuring out how things work.  He still loves his books & puzzles; I need to start finding some that will challenge him more...  He constantly talks about taking wagon rides at the farm by our house and wishes he could do it every day.  He loves slides & swings and any park he's ever seen!  This month he became brave all of sudden and decided he wanted to walk across the high rope bridge at the aquarium that practically terrified me, but he did it all by himself!  I cannot believe his willingness to try things!  Cars are also a huge obsession, and he typically is carrying around three at a time.  And carrying three things is tough, so he often get frustrated if they slip out of his hands.  But must always be three!

Potty Training:  We've made a teeny tiny bit of progress.  He now LOVES sitting on the potty, but only because we read him book after book.  I think he sees it as a story time.  Although we've spent hours on the potty, we have yet to have one success.  We don't push it, but he frequently asks to sit on it.  Another little step, is that he now asks for a clean diaper after he poops.  Before he never cared, so I like that he is becoming aware.  However, he could care less if he's only I never know when he's tinkling.  Tinkling...weird word...  Is this going to become part of my daily vocabulary while potty training?...

Liam is really starting to assert himself & what he wants!  He is definitely stubborn like his mama, and it shows.  Stubborn, but sweet.  Oh so sweet!  He loves being around people and especially other kids.  He's always shy in the beginning, but then quickly comes out of his shell.  Whenever he sees other kids he always exclaims "friends"!  I cannot wait til he is able to introduce himself and start interacting with others more.  Watching him grow up is just the greatest joy.


  1. Such a sweet boy!!! Love his words and phrases, this age really is so fun!!

    Also - some of us mom bloggers with babies who have bdays this summer were thinking of an exchange?! Would you be interested!

  2. I just put Noah's 19 month update on the blog too! I love reading about other kids! It's amazing how each kid can be so different. Noah and Liam are so similar in the sleep department. Last night Noah was up every 2 hours and I'm exhausted! I bet they will both start sleeping right before we have to get up with a newborn right? Or will we be doing this with two kids and really getting no sleep?

  3. awww he is so cute! no kids, but i just love reading about other people's kids - makes me feel like i'm preparing!

  4. Liam is SUCH A CUTIE!! Wish I could set him up with Presley :). And older boy with a great upbringing (wink) would do her some good! How is the gym part going or did I miss that part in here somewhere?

    1. Liam & Presley would be quite the pair! The gym is going great now (not sure why I didn't mention it)! He loves the toys & kids there and doesn't even shed a tear when I leave now.

  5. awwwww look at that sweet little man!! I love updates like this!

  6. What a cutie! And looking so grown up!

  7. He's starting to look so grown up in these pictures! So cute. And I have to agree on the favorite foods - we love our pizza and quesadilla's over here, too!

  8. He is looking like such a big boy! Please share your trick on falling asleep without nursing! I'd love to know, as I'm also trying to get my fertility back :)


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