Thursday, June 26, 2014

23 Months

I can't believe a month has already come & gone since the last update!  The days seem to be flying by even faster than usual; perhaps, it is just the busy-ness that comes with chasing around a toddler!  Although, he often seems much older than a toddler, like he is already this little man, much smarter than he should be!

Favorite Foods:  Little L must be going through a huge growth spurt because he is eating like crazy!  We sit down for 3 meals together each day, but he also likes to snack.  It seems like he can't get enough food & breastmilk!  He still eats his tried & true favorites, but has developed some new likes.  He's into english muffins with butter (and really bread of all kinds) & avocados.  He's much more likely to try new things, so that is helping to expand his pallet.  Although we rarely give Liam sweets, he is obsessed with chocolate.  Asks for it all day, everyday.  So sixlets have randomly become our new best friend.  If he eats protein or veggies during meal time, he gets a few sixlets afterward.  I hope not to need this chocolate crutch forever, but it works for now.

Breastfeeding:  As I said before, he must be having a growth spurt!  Liam is back to wanting to nurse as often as I will let him or have milk to give him.  I've been okay with this, since my cycles seem to be regulating.  I have all sorts of to say on the topic of breastfeeding & fertility, so hopefully I will get a post up about that soon.  It is one of the things I am emailed most about right now.  :-)  He still seems nowhere near weaning and we are all perfectly fine with that!

New Words Phrases:  Phrases isn't even appropriate for this title anymore; we have a serious talker on our hands!  I love being able to have conversations with him.  His voice is just the sweetest and is changing from the deep voice he had as a baby to a bit higher pitch.  He can communicate all his wants & needs and tell Conor about his day once he gets home from work.  I love being able to know what is going on in his little mind and to see what he remembers.   Most of his words are very clear, but sometimes he subtly changes things.  Roosters say "cock-a-doo" & a seahorse is a "he-horse"!

Sleep:  Slow slow progress.  He loves his big boy bed, but since he still wakes every 1-4 hours so he doesn't spend too much time in there.  He still nurses at nap time & bedtime, but isn't falling asleep nursing.  I keep hoping that at some point he will want Daddy at bedtime or in the middle of the night, but's always Mama!  He's good about sleeping next to me now, so he cuddles much more instead of always just wanting to nurse.  Sometimes he even asks me to sing a song as he falls asleep, usually it's What a Wonderful World or Amazing Grace.  I like this new routine at bedtime, just not in the morning.  With fewer nursing sessions & less milk has come an earlier wake up time.  I just don't function at 7am...I haven't had to for years.  Hoping this isn't our new normal.

Favorite Interests:  Cars.  Books.  Puzzles.  He would be happy if he only had these three things.  I recently purchased Liam a 12 piece real puzzle and he can almost do it completely by himself.  He concentrates so hard & loves the challenge.  He is also a huge helper!   His most favorite chores to assist with are: laundry, unloading the dishwasher, filling the bird feeder, & pulling weeds.  Many of the sunflower seeds from our feeder fall to the ground and start to sprout, so we can spend a good half hour sitting the grass and plucking up the seedlings to put in a bucket.  I love the he loves just being with me.  With summer here, he is also a big fan of boat rides & waterslides.  Two of my favorite things too!

Potty Training:  Still spending plenty of time on the potty, since Liam seems to love it.  But not one single success yet!  We're in no hurry and are letting little L take his time.  I'm hoping one day it will just click for him.  He hates diaper changes, so I'm sure he would thrilled to hear that he could actually go sans diaper if he would use the potty!

Liam is such a determined little boy and will set his mind to anything.  He doesn't give up on things easily, always trying to figure how to do something by himself.  For awhile we thought he may be ambidextrous, but lately he is starting to favor his left hand more.  Each day he amazes me!  We are so proud of the little boy that he is.  So sweet & so gentle.

He's the best and he's ours!


  1. Liam is so tall! I hope both of our sleep situations improve. Noah is getting up earlier now too!

  2. What a sweet little angel! Growing up so fast!

  3. awww look how big he is! he's such a cutie - he could be a model ;)

  4. I'd say he's looking particularly grown up!! Those tan lines on his little feet are too cute. :) I agree, their developing speech is so fun and it's a highlight of the day when they say something new, it's so fun hearing them learn new things!!
    (Where did you get the ruler growth chart that you take his picture by?)

  5. He is so cute and growing up so fast. We haven't had a lot of success in the potty training realm either. We know we're just not ready. I'm not even going to try a real attempt until he's 2.5 years. Awesome that he's doing puzzles! That's so much fun!

  6. He is looking like such a little man in these pictures! He poses so well and just looks so stinkin' cute. Love it. Happy 23 months sweet boy!

  7. aww hi cuuuuuuuuuuuuutie!!! books puzzles, how stinkin cute!!


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